Welcome to my own tiny place on the Internet!

I’m glad you stumbled over my page and hope you’ll stay for a little while!


Hello everyone, my name is Adela and I am a student with a passion (and devotion) for food. I set up this blog to be able to share my recipes and, well, life with you.

And yes, I am polish.
And vegan.

I turned vegan mainly because I was on the verge of getting anorexia and I heard it had helped many girls with eating disorders, so I thought… why not give it a try?

And it did wonders for me. I’ve been eating a plant based diet for almost 4 months now. I have to admit I don’t feel happy about my body and myself 100% at a time, I do have my ups and downs. Just like everyone. But veganism helped me to decrease the amount of downs and increase the ups. I stay slim most of the time and try to gradually build up my confidence.

Besides, I feel less bloated, I feel lighter, I don’t have many digestive issues and generally I am happier. My skin hasn’t cleared up yet, but it doesn’t bother me that much and I will just wait until I have a beautiful baby’s butt-like skin!

Setting up a blog has always been my dream, but I was never persistent in it. So, I am going to make this one a real deal and try to write regularly and post one recipe a week. Maybe they won’t be amazing each time, but I hope you will appreciate those small ones like “What I ate today?” or just a simple salad or a bowl recipe.

Apart from that one I have 3 dreams as well:

  1. To release my own cookbook.
  2. To set up my own bistro/cafe.
  3. To have an amazing and loving family with my one and only significant other ♥

So that’s about it for the intro. Stay tuned for my other posts!
I am so looking forward to making a loving community with you guys. I really want us all to inspire each other. I want us to live a happy life just the way we imagined it to be and if my blog is to help this, then I am head over heels about it.
And of course I want us all to chase our dreams and make them come true!
That is why I created this place. To get creative, inspire and be happy.



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