Whole wheat pasta salad and freshly pressed juice

Whole wheat pasta salad

I’ve been craving quinoa for some time now, but I just couldn’t get round to cooking it. There was always something. Something else for dinner. No time. Leftovers that had to be eaten. Always something. But yesterday after the whole week of tests I decided to treat myself to quinoa salad. I came home quite early because I had only one exam in Chemistry that day, which began at 8:30 and the time given was 3 hours but I finished it half an hour earlier. It was neither hard nor easy. Some tasks were extremely obvious, but on a few I had to strain my mind to work out the answer. It took so long mainly because it consisted of 40 tasks, none of which was an ABC question!

But that test was not the only one that took so long to finish. The one in Mathematics was the most strenuous. The time given was 3 hours as well and I finished it a bit earlier, but I felt like my mind was about to come out and stand beside me telling me: never again, please… -…- What made things worse was that before that test we had to write the basic one (easier) in the morning with only an hour to take a break and regenerate. Two maths tests with tricky and intricate questions, almost all of which had very very very weird answers like:Β  or ??? No thanks. It was death. Hopefully on real Matura exam those two test would be divided into two separate days. Otherwise I am getting anxious, FOR REAL.

20151128_190516 (2)

I also wrote a test in Polish and English. After the first one I’ve noticed I forgot almost everything that I have learned during those… wait how many? Yes, 11 years of education. (It passed so fast… I want to be a kid again ;-; And yet I saw so many teddy bears in stores and I want to get one as a present so badly…). However the English one was easy ^^ And I got to know a bit about the history of a fridge and how dolphins ‘talk’. I think it says it all.


I came home earlier and made myself a bowl of quinoa and kale salad. I just put together cooked quinoa, finely chopped kale, tomatoes, red bell pepper, cucumber, onion and mushrooms. I didn’t have any balsamic vinegar so the dressing wasn’t bad, but the vinegar would have taken it to another level *-*. I actually wanted to make this recipe to appear on this blog, but now as I am eating dinner I decided not to and instead opted for posting a recipe for this deliciousness ↓

20151128_190631_Richtone(HDR) (2) (2)

I made today a salad with whole wheat penne pasta, kale, baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, radish, parsley and balsamic-tahini vinaigrette. Also, to go with it I had a freshly pressed orange pear banana and carrot juice. So delicious! And so simple! Well, there is obviously a lot of cleaning involved when making juice, but it’s soooooooo worth it.

This whole recipe is very delicious and nutritious. You have here your greens, wheat, veggies and fruits. Everything that you need to look and feel beautiful!

Ahh… Food is always the best aspect of every day. Apart from my boyfriend of course ❀

( It would be awesome if you checked out his youtube channel ^^ )

20151128_190808_Richtone(HDR) (2)

I’m saying that because there is so much studying right now. It’s insane, I just finished writing those exams and I have more to come, but this time they will actually do me wrong if I fail πŸ˜“ You know… learn almost 1,500 words for next week, do way too many exercises for Chemistry, learn 100 phrasal verbs for Monday and with great probability learn for Maths test next or following week… Of course it’s not a problem, everyone can do it…

But I should stop honing and get down to work.

( Haha, of course of course… πŸ˜„ )


Tomorrow I will be making a vegan apple pie, so I think I would write down the recipe and if it turns out good share it with you or if not – improve it. Stay tuned!

Well, the pie turned out amazing! The recipe will be somewhere during this week. Can’t wait to share it with you and hear your opinions! ^^

Alright, I am going right now. Keep your fingers crossed so I won’t die while studying πŸ˜„



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