Cinnamony apple pie

I wasn’t exactly planning to make this pie. It was only because my grandma planned to come around on Sunday. Otherwise I would not even go into my kitchen that day. But she decided, when I was in the middle of the process, that she is not coming and well… I had to finish it.

IMGP3401 (2)

You may think that I’m honing right now. Maybe you’re a bit right. Anyway, I made this pie and was expecting a recipe that would need a lot of improvement, but it turned out pretty delicious! And I would love to share it with you!

I made the crust vegan for the first time from a very simple recipe: flour, sugar, salt, non-diary milk and oil. Just combine all the ingredients, fill in the pan and bake. I don’t know if it is even possible and if it is – how I can roll out the dough to make a lattice pie crust or simply an another layer of crust on top. It might be tricky but I will eventually figure it out!

IMGP3402 (2)

Now the best part. THE APPLES. They are super delicious let me tell you. They are fried with spices in the first place and then added to the pre-baked pie crust. Cut the apples into chunks. Pour some oil to a warm skillet and add cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar. Then add the apples and stir. As a final touch add a bit of elderflower syrup and you’re good to go! These are seriously soooo delicious. I was truly straining to refrain from eating them all before baking, hihi… ;)

IMGP3399 (2)

There is one more thing when it comes to apples. Remember: they have to be hard and sour, otherwise the cake will be bland. See, if the apples are super sweet and mushy and you add more sugar, then the cake comes out soggy and too sweet, even bland. But when the apples are sour and hard, they will give that sourness that we need to counter the sweet sauce and not all of them will change into a sweet pulp but you will come upon some bigger chunks to crunch while devouring the pie (yes, you will devour it, I assure you).

So look for crunchy, hard and sour apples. Here you can find some types listed.

IMGP3371 (2)

Β And here is the link to the pie crust I made.

The pie is really delicious. The crust is perfect and apples… ugh… so delicious, I love them!

Also, you can alter this recipe slightly and not do the crumble if you don’t like it. Then I suggest making a spiral shape with the apples to make it look all pretty, just like here:


But you have to remember then to not mix the apples with the syrup as they might break. Instead, make the syrup separately. Arrange the apples on top of your pie and then right before baking pour the syrup over the apples. Choose whatever you want and I’m sure it will turn out very delicious ^^

cinnamony apple pie 2

Let me now if you make this pie. Either in the comments or via instagram and twitter. I’d love to see your recreations ^^



2 thoughts on “Cinnamony apple pie

  1. cooker December 7, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    Nice recipe, i was looking for that kindof stuff – not hard but looks hard ;)


    • Peas and Love December 7, 2015 / 7:45 pm

      Thank you! I am glad I could’ve helped you. You’re welcome! And let me know how it turned out, I’d love to know :3 Good luck!


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