Day #7 and Day #8: Vegan “problems”

I am so pissed right now.

People always always always think that they know everything and try to tell everybody around them that they are stupid. It is like… like you could not be kind and try to understand somebody else’s point of view?? Is it that hard? Seriously?

So many people have been telling me that veganism is going to kill me and that I will be malnourished in the future and whatnot. Please, do your research before telling me this bullshit. Vegans can be extremely healthy as long as they eat enough and exercise. It is the same as for non-vegans. People need to eat enough and move their bodies to be healthy. And if we can safe animals and Earth at the same time then what could be better?

Vegans are, in my humble opinion the healthiest people on earth and they are not deficient in any thing. Here you may bring out B12. Well, as far as I know everybody has B12 deficiency so come on…

Another thing is that people call veganism “a faze”. Please, try to understand, vegans are committed to this lifestyle. Veganism is not a faze and never will. Plant-based can be called “a faze”. Vegans care about animals, environment, their health, other people. We will never go back. Never ever ever. Once you realise what is really happening you will never go back.

Veganism also helps with mental health. Because who doesn’t want to eat in abundance and stay lean and healthy? I know I do… And every girl too. Girls want to be skinny and therefore they turn into those low calorie and low carbohydrate diets that are destroying their health both physical and mental. They are restricting their food intake and then they binge and gain all the weight they had lost. On a vegan plant-based low fat and high carbohydrate diet they can eat loads of food without having to worry about weight gain. This I think is crucial to a normal mental state and relationship with food.

Please don’t take me amiss. I don’t want to cause any rants and discussions. I just want to express my thoughts on this topic. Please don’t feel offended.


I wanted to share with you my delicious vegan breakfast today. I had chocolate mint banana nicecream.


Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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