Day #9: Quality time with a friend and Asian food Polish style

This day was absolutely amazing. It was warm and sunny outside, perfect weather that encourages you to go and move your body. So I decided to do my parents a favour and buy some bananas because we were running out of spotty bananas aka 5 left ahahahaah. I also wanted to go shopping to buy dates for my trip to Madrid between Thursday and Monday. I ended up buying dates and a paleo raw vegan chocolate hazelnut bar and well… it tasted a bit a like a dark chocolate version of nutella which was nice but not outstanding. I hope the dates will be good though! And bananas are ripening right now. Nicecream here I come!

Anyway, then I was meeting with my friend so immediately after I got home I did my nails because you’ve got to look fabulous all the time ;)

It was so lovely meeting with her! We have not seen each other in quite some time because of school and final exams and all that terrible terrible stuff that everybody hates. We went to Warsaw and spent lovely time together strolling around old town and city centre and talking talking talking. I really needed some quality time with her. Also, we ate some amazing amazing food which unfortunately didn’t look picture worthy. Welcome to small asian restaurants in Poland where you get food from God knows where that looks terrible ahahahaha. I tell you what it was: soup with veggies and tofu and deep fried soya cutlets in batter/dough with rice, cabbage salad and coconut sauce. Everything was delicious but these soya cutlets sound so weird because in Poland you can basically get only deep fried chicken in batter/dough or other deep fried meat in batter/dough in asian restaurants. Seriously, almost every cheap asian restaurant or bar, where food is usually pretty good, is super tiny like about 5 tables, looks fussy and they serve there chicken in dough/batter and so on. This is as I said a deep fried chicken in a coating, something like tempura maybe. You can get either this or some meat stew served on rice or fish in coating just like the meat. Oh, and in every single chinese restaurant they serve one and only cabbage salad with everything ahahaha.

Also we wanted to find vegan ice cream in the capital. Actually we found one place but they were so so so so freaking expensive! You can get in Poland 1 ball of ice cream for 1 złoty usually, but these soy ones were I think 12 złoty per ball. I was stunned when I saw the price tag. I really don’t think these would be worth the price. So we decided to go one day together to look for some cool vegan ice cream places in Warsaw. I am so so excited!

Now, stay tuned for some Madrid posts and photos coming soon! I’ll try to take as many photos as possible :3

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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