Day #10: English, Choir and Madrid

Today was nice and warm and I spent it in a very pleasant way.

Pleasant apart from the fact that I had to go to school at 8:15…

You might think: What? School? You said your school was over? 0.0 Yes, that is true that I finished school, but we arranged meetings with my English teacher to prepare us for a Proficiency Certificate Exam in June. So that is why I have to go to school at the same hours that we had English during school year and guess what? We have to write 2 compositions for each class. One essay and the other one we can choose between a letter, article and review. It is very good that we are to write such essays but my time is a little bit limited and I don’t know if I will be able to hand in my 4 writings on Monday (I have to write 2 overdue ones). I will be out all day in Madrid and I have to also write these posts and… I hope I will manage somehow but I am a bit sceptical ;-;

Actually, maybe some of you know but in this Proficiency Exam the writing part in only 90 minutes long and you should write 2 essays. I mean an essay that is usually summarising and evaluating two texts and one that you choose between an article, review and letter. It is so little time to write two almost 300 word texts in 90 minutes. When you put your pen down without even checking your work the time has finished.

Anyway, that was the complaining part and now on to the good stuff ahahaha.

I am flying to Madrid on Thursday! I am so excited. I’ve been there before with my choir but I hope that this time we will see some different places than 3 years ago. The history of the choir is pretty interesting. I’ve been singing in it for about 7 years. At first, it consisted pretty much of adult or about 16 years old girls. I was always the smallest one which was kind of cool to be honest. About 2 years ago the “old choir” as we call it was formally disbanded but girls became so close to each other that they are still in touch and we can gather and sing at any time somebody just have to announce a concert. A “young choir” was always present and small girls were prepared there to sing in the “old choir” one day. Two years ago this “young choir” took the “old choir”‘s place and now it is the main choir which gives concerts and competes. So, I’ve been in Madrid with the “old choir” 3 years ago and now I am coming back but with a “young choir”. Isn’t that cool? ^^

Also, I was on a date after my English class. My boyfriend came to Warsaw and we spent a lovely time together in the park walking and talking. So so nice! We have been together for almost 3 years now, can you believe? I feel like this time just flew by. Before we know it we will be together for another 5 or more! I n s a n e.

So I think that is about it. I’ve talked about all the awesome and not that awesome stuff that is currently happening and I hope you liked it ^^

Have a great day!

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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