Madrid Day #1 : Fear of flight and Guernica

I am so afraid of flying. It is insane. I am terrified of the fact that we are 9000 meters above the ground and that I cannot do anything in any emergency and that I have to trust the pilot 100%. This freaks me out. Also I hate ladings and turns during flight. It makes me very nauseous and usually landings take f o r e v e r.

This flight was nothing different. I was late because somebody had to make herself a big bowl of spinach-parsley nicecream for breakfast ;)


I came 5 minutes late so it was not that bad yet I was already super stressed out. The check in and security control happened so fast that I run to the agent with my boarding card in my mouth ahahaha. Then of course I didn’t know that I had to take all my electronics out of my bag so they took my hand luggage and took my phone, laptop, camera and power bank out and had to scan it once again. This of course made even more stressed out. Nevertheless, later everything went smoothly and we boarded with our hearts in our mouths (or at least me and my friend) onto the plane. During our flight there was no turbulence so that was nice and I could focus on writing my essays for an English class. I managed to write one and a half on the plane. But it could not have gone that smoothly all the way. When we were about to land in Madrid the pilot had to hold the plane in the air and it took us about 30 minutes maybe less. It was terrible and I got extremely nauseous. At least my suitcase came first at baggage reclaim so that was a plus as I was very hungry almost hangry and all of my food was in the suitcase.

View form our room

After we checked in to our hostel, which was really nice and had a beautiful outdoor patio downstairs that could be seen from all the rooms as they were all in like a square so every room faced another one and on walking outside of it you walked outdoors, we went to Reina Sofia Museum.

Beautiful streets in Madrid

There are paintings and sculptures by Picasso including Guernica, Dali and many other famous Spanish painters. I’ve been there 3 years ago so that was not anything new for me, however, I looked at the paintings, especially by Picasso, differently. Growing up and maturing really changes your perspective and thoughts. So this time I really enjoyed visiting that museum, looking and pondering on all the masterpieces.

Somewhere near Reina Sofia
Amazing arcades at Reina Sofia

In the evening we went to dinner (finally!) and I was surprised that our conductor when choosing our meals bore in mind that I was vegan and ordered me a lecho with fried mushrooms on the side. I was astounded and could not thank him enough after the meal.

And here is a photo of little me taken by my friend at Reina Sofia ^^

On day 2 we are going to go sightseeing and then give a concert. I hope the day would be a bit better that this one! Oh wait, it already sounds great. There will be no flying ahahah.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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