Madrid Day #2 : Sightseeing and delicious food

I have to say that Spanish bread is absolutely amazing. I could not eat enough of it at breakfast! So delicious and crisp and ugh…

And this was taken in front of our kitchen

After a delicious breakfast consisting of bread, tomato puree and olive oil we went to see Templo Debod (The Temple of Debod), which is an Egyptian temple in a park in Madrid given to the country as a gift after Spain helped Egypt and UNESCO to secure old temples and other antiquities from a possible threat of flood caused by building of the Aswan High Dam. It was dismantled in Egypt and all sand blocks were marked so that they will be able to reconstruct ideally in Madrid. Some block though are new but it still looks amazing with all the hieroglyphs and its history.

Templo Debod


We went on later to see The Royal Monastery of the Incarnation. It is a convent of the order of Recolet Augustines. The building is now partially a Museum as there still live 9 Augustines, but it was originally built for 33 of them. It is full of paintings and sculptures of Jesus, Mary and other saints and to be honest, it was a bit boring to watch all of them. One thing that caught my eye and retained in my memory was a church where the Augustines were also participating in masses. It was very beautiful and breath-taking.




After that we went for a walk and saw Plaza del Oriente, Palacio Real and I have to admit that Madrid is a beautiful city


Palacio Real

And then it was lunch. I was also very glad that I got something different to eat and damn it was delicious! I got some pasta with raw vegetables and white asparagus for starters and for the main course I got fried vegetables and for dessert a big piece of a delicious watermelon.



After lunch our conductor took us to Mercado de San Miguel, which is like a huge market where you can buy all the food you want and they even cook for you! I love this place. I bought there 3 delicious and juicy mangoes and I was satisfied with my shopping for the day.


In the evening we gave a concert and it was an utter fail. We had to end one song earlier because we sang the ending and not the middle… #choirproblems. Also, we were constantly lost, did not hear each other and just basically could not focus. Hopefully our next concert in two days will be better ;-;

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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