Madrid Day #3 : Day off

This day was amazing. We first went to see Cerralbo Museum, which is located in a house of Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa who was Marquis of Cerralbo and it houses the collection of its former owner. I have very little photos from there but I hope you’ll get the gist :)



The exhibition is a whole house and it basically is a collection of paintings, furniture, living goods and even some armour. Just a big house of a very wealthy man. But how beautiful it was! I was stunned when we first walked in. Its huge rooms, all decorated in different styles are just breath-taking. It was, for me at least, one of the best places we visited during out stay because I personally prefer architecture and home decorations to paintings. Of course there were a few paintings here and there but the majority of the stuff was furniture and home decorations. Amazing.



After admiring the house we were given some free time. I wanted to buy my mom a little gift for Mother’s Day which was on the day I took off to Madrid. I spotted the other day a Lush shop and I had to visit it as there are no shops of this brand in Poland yet (I hope). Finally when a sales assistant helped me understand what was written on the label and showed me how amazing the Rub Rub Rub body scrub was (vegan of course) along with a body conditioner I fell in love and bought the exfoliator. I also picked up a pumice exfoliating block and a thick moisturiser for heels for my mom. The girl was so nice and gave me and my friend samples of face masks for our skin types. So nice! I am so far loving the body exfoliator and I am definitely going to buy a new jar after I finish this one. The mask though… I am not a very big fan of it. But I am hoping to try one day their like more thick facial moisturisers and I hope they would not make me break out. If you tried any of their facial moisturisers please share your experience in the comment section below! ^^

A flower at the Cerralbo Museum

Also, I and my friends have spotted the Feast’s Corpus Christi procession. There were so many people watching and an orchestra with trumpets and drums was playing whilst children holding a cross attached to a platform on their arms and as usual a member of clergy was holding the Blessed Sacrament. It was very solemn and dignified and just beautiful.

Palacio Real

Then it was lunch at the same restaurant as the day before. Of course the food was amazing and again I got a different dish. This time I ate a big bowl of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, carrots, olives and white asparagus followed by rice with tomato sauce and fried zucchini. For dessert I got baked apples which did not look very pretty so there is no photo of that ;) As usual everything was delicious.



When we got home we had a little bit of free time and in the evening our second director and attendant took us to Primark as most of the girls really wanted to. I spent quite a lot of money there but I bought presents for everyone. I hope they will like them! Oh, and a few pieces for myself including shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses. They were so cheap! My shorts were 13 euros, t-shirt was 2.50 and sunglasses were 1.50. Like seriously?! In Poland I would pay at least 7 euros for a t-shirt but usually it would be about 10 if not more, for shorts 18 euros but on a sale so normally about 25 euros and for sunglasses 9 to 10 euros because the quality was not the best. I was so amazed by how cheap this store is. Please, we need Primark and Lush in Poland. PLEASE! *cries desperately*

And yes, I think that was it that we did that day. I hope yours was great too! ^_^

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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