Madrid Day #4 : Visiting Toledo and concerting

This Sunday we went to see Toledo.

And that is it that I can say about it.


It was so beautiful! It is placed on a highland and there are such small streets than a car cannot fit in them and they are so mixed with each other that it is very easy to get lost. Actually, on our way to the concert we got lost and walked in circles for some time ahahah. Before the concert our conductor wanted to show us the house of El Greco who lived in Toledo after moving to Spain from Greece and died there. As you may already know, his painting had a characteristic trait mainly he painted figures that were not proportional – their heads were smaller compared to the rest of the body as well as their hands were usually very slender. Even though they look a bit odd I really enjoyed watching his works.

This was our second concert and I have to admit that it went far better than our first one. It went so well that people even wanted an encore! It is always so nice and heart-warming when people stand up and clap for more singing. Really, I am touched and moved every time.

Later we ate some lunch and I also had something different. Well, maybe only the second dish. For the first one I had to eat carefully as they given us penne pasta with tomato sauce with some ham or bacon in it. Nasty! So I had to carefully separate meat from pasta. For the main course they gave me again lecho but with potato fries this time. A bit too salty and oily but still good ^^

I hope you are not tired of photos of me yet ahahaha

After lunch we went to explore the city a bit more. Our director wanted to see the famous cathedral but the queue was way too long. Instead we went for a walk and had a bit more free time. Here are the photos I have taken during that time ^^




To end our visit in Toledo a very respectable persona drove with us in our bus and told us some stories behind certain buildings and the history of the city. We drove to a hotel which was originally a house of someone in the past but they changed it into a hotel to save the antiquity. There was a beautiful view of Toledo so we had to take pictures. The same was on a big and old bridge leading to Toledo. Unfortunately, few of the photos are of any use because nearly on every one of them somebody is touching their face, hair and whatnot. And they could have been some awesome pictures of our choir ;-;

And this is how benches look in Toledo

In the evening a few girls including myself went to a concert of a choir we collaborated with 3 years ago. It was an opera where the choir was singing only about three times. But, our conductor bought us grilled octopus (for other girls of course) and potatoes. They said it was delicious and as I recall eating an octopus in Crete a few years back it must have been.

Anyway… on day 5 we are leaving and I really do not want to. It is so beautiful here and I would like to teleport my boyfriend here to live with me. Really, it would be amazing.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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