Madrid Day #5 : We’re leaving! :(

So it happened. We are leaving today. So sad ;-;

But I know for sure that I will come back to Madrid for the third time and see Toledo for the second. I also would like to see Barcelona for the second time as I remember very little from it and with my parents we lived on a camping outside the city so it was an entirely different experience. I would love to experience the city and see how it is to live there for some time. That is why I’ve decided that I am taking my boyfriend with me next year and we go abroad for three months to travel around Europe with our backpacks. And if he tries to refuse… I’ll force him ^^

Placa Mayor

And I will definitely learn Spanish. After six years of learning German and not being able to produce a word in it and also hating it I want something different. So that’s why I will learn Spanish now. It is such a beautiful and melodic language!


Anyway, before leaving to the airport girls wanted to do some souvenirs shopping because they did not have enough time previously. So we went for a walk and I managed to buy some vegan sorbets. They were not your regular ice cream in a cone though. The guy in the café took scoops of ice cream and put them on a cold countertop and added toppings of your choice and then folded them into the ice cream and put them in a cup. Amazing, isn’t it? I had a mango sorbet with hazelnuts and a passionfruit one with coconut. Delicious.


The flight was a bit worse this time. It all started when it was delate about 1 and a half hours. So we just waited and waited and I had plenty of time to buy a bottle of whisky for my father and a bottle of perfume for my mum. Also, I was so stressed that I got nauseous on our way to the airport so I had to take some medicine for travel sickness and it made me sluggish and sleepy. Therefore I could not write any essays while waiting for the plane. Fortunately when we eventually got on board I was feeling good again and could work. I finished one of my essays in the hostel so I had to write only 2 and correct the other ones. I did everything and I was very proud of myself. Unfortunately, there was some turbulence but apparently I was not that scared. Also, we landed very smoothly, which I think contributed to reducing my fear of flight because I think I am not a lot less afraid to fly than I was on Thursday ^^


When we finally landed it was about 9pm and we were supposed to be in Warsaw at 7:05pm. But I got home and my mom made me a huge salad as I was very hungry and even dates eaten before boarding were too little.

And is I think about it when it comes to my trip to Madrid. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my little adventures. I would love to be able to make posts about a bigger trip on my own and not with a big group so now I have to nag my boyfriend to go with me and see Europe next year ;)

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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