Days #23 to #26: Chilling out and CPE

Ugh, it happened again…

And I am so sorry for the lack of photos. I promise that right now I will do better ;-;

But there is not much to write about to be honest with you :( Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty similar that is studying, food shopping, cooking and studying. However, Thursday was a bit different.

On Thursday I was writing my first ever Cambridge certificate exam. So it would not be me if I did not think that I was biting more than I could chew with this certificate. During classes not everything was easy for me, actually very little was easy for me especially practice tests that our teacher was giving us. In the Wednesday evening I started getting really stressed and on Thursday while waiting to enter the room stress and the need to go home got real.

A funny story though are the safety measures applied on the test. We had to turn our phones off and, as if putting them in our bags was not enough, we had to put them in plastic bags that were lying on the tables for us except that not everybody was given one. Therefore, the woman conducting the whole exam told us to wrap our phones in our confirmation of entry and put every phone on the side of our tables and wait until they are all collected, put into big plastic bags, secured in a chest and locked in a separate room until the exam ended. Like seriously? We were so laughing at this afterwards ahahaha.

Nevertheless, when the exam started I was praying for it to be understandable and doable. The first part is reading and use of English and you have 90 minutes to complete the paper and transfer your answers onto a separate answer sheet. What was new for me was the fact that we had to fill the answer sheet with a pencil not a pen and I have to say it is a very good law. It makes transferring a lot less stressful because you can always correct your answer. Anyhow. My prayers were heard and we all understood each text given and did all use of English tasks. Thank you Lord for hearing me.

The same was with writing. I was hoping for a quite easy essay and a doable article because you have to write 2 texts in 90 minutes and these are the only forms of writing that I can write pretty well. I cannot do reports, letters (especially formal) and reviews but I love to write articles ^^ And my prayers were heard once again and the essay was very neat as well as the article. The essay was about the pace of our lives nowadays and how beneficial it can be for us but at the same time how it can ruin our relationships and ourselves. The article on the other hand was about Jay Gatsby and what people were talking about him behind his back and how Nick Carraway’s attitude towards him has changed. So that were two pretty neat texts to write ;)

Listening, however, did not go very well. Although, speakers were not speaking very fast and everything was audible and understandable but it was very hard to grasp answers to questions because they asked for details that were mentioned very briefly in the recording ;-;

All and all, I am actually proud of myself and my friends who wrote the exam with me that me managed to write it quite well (we hope so at least). The second part of the exam which is speaking is on Sunday and to prepare for that we met once again at school to do only speaking part for two hours. I am a bit scared of this part mainly because my speaking is far worse than writing. I don’t know, I just forget words and cannot formulate my sentences properly. When I write I always remember some sophisticated wording to insert into my text here and there. Speaking is the complete opposite so yeah…

Anyway, on Friday and today I am relaxing and getting enough sleep. The stress worn me out so much I would sleep all the time right now. But finally I have my holiday break that is so needed after this hectic school year and stress connected with Matura and CPE. Finally I can stay at home and do nothing. Or at least do what I want and not what others want me to 😏

During my ride today I saw the cutest puppy that looked somewhat like that:


and that made me consider working as a volunteer at our local animal shelter. This could be such an incredible experience. I think that when I will have enough rest I will definitely go there and ask if they would like to have a new volunteer helping them take care of the animals ^^

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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