Days #27 and #28: Summer break… finally!

I can finally say that summer break is officially here in my life. Yuhuu!

Now I don’t have to stress over exams for next 3 and a half months. Ok, there will most likely be two more exams awaiting me but they will be nothing but pleasure. I am talking of course about passing my driving licence exams. I don’t how about you but I personally am very fond of driving and I cannot wait until I will start a course. Maybe it is because I always associated driving with adulthood and when I drive I feel more mature or that the feel of speed fills me with excitement and adrenaline or maybe it is a mixture of both that I like sitting behind the wheel so much. Right now my dad allows me to use his moped so that I could run errands in the neighbourhood like shopping or going to rehearsals. It is so much fun I have to admit and the best part of it is that I don’t need a driving licence to use it! And if you’re from Poland do not get too excited because the moped has to have engine size below 50ccm to be allowed to ride it without driving licence when you are 18 years old.

Enough of that rambling, I wanted to actually tell you about the speaking part of proficiency exam. Unfortunately, I was not in pair with my friend and I hoped so much for it. But the girl I was to take the exam was not but either, maybe she talked a bit too much and I had little time to produce anything meaningful, which is especially hard for me in such a stressful situation. I literally was read like a brick when I left the room. Anyway, questions we were given were not that bad actually. We had to talk about harmony in general basing on some pictures and money relating to real life and what impact it has on us and fortunately not the economics. That was pretty neat and I am a little bit unsatisfied with how it went for me but what can I do right now. We’ll see how it went in July.

After the exam I had to wait for my boyfriend and I thought that a good way of spending my time would be to have my manicure done as I had absolutely no time to do it for the past week or more and I was reluctant too because it would be devastated the first time I cooked dinner 😩 But now I thought why not and it is so pretty 😍 It reminds me of winter though ahahaha.


When my bf finally arrived we went for a walk and spent marvellous time together trying to make up for 2 weeks of loneliness. I had also the opportunity to give him presents I brought him from Madrid and these were a Team Stark t-shirt (we both love Iron Man and while watching Captain Amerika: Civil War we were supporting Stark’s Team as we really dislike Captain Amerika, sorry any of his fans out there 😉 ) and a new short-sleeve checked shirt that I fell in love with at first sight. He really enjoyed his gifts and that totally made my day. Love you ❤️‍

Also, I just have to share it with you. Remember when I wrote that our (me and my boyfriend) trip just for a few days was out of the question? Well, his parents have changed their minds and now we can go somewhere together. I am super excited! We are thinking about going to Wrocław and Dolina Kłodzka. This is the southern-west part of Poland. I think I will pack my backpack today and wait with it until August ahahaha. My summer break is starting to look pretty nice in my opinion.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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