One day banana island experience


I really need to make some kind of a schedule for this blog. It’s getting insane!

Anyway, today I wanted to describe to you how my first and last day of banana island went. First of all, what is banana island? It is a detox/cleanse during which you eat only bananas, leafy greens, cucumber, celery and spices like cinnamon and vanilla. It is meant to improve your digestion, help get rid of toxins reset your taste buds, heal your body both physically and mentally. I thought that this would be ideal right now because I was not eating very well for the past couple of weeks and my mental state was all over the place. I was stressed all the time, didn’t sleep well, struggled with my self-worth and my social anxiety surged like crazy after my breakup. I embarked on the banana island for one day and could not handle it any longer.

I originally opted for 7 days and thought that it would not be very hard. In the morning after eating spinach and parsley banana ice cream I felt great, as usual. Later I got really tired and had no energy whatsoever to clean the bathrooms so I ate a few bananas and continued on my duties. I was even more tired after cleaning and after reading for a bit I fell asleep. When I woke after about 30 minutes I was starving and I mean STARVING. I quickly went into the kitchen and made myself a banana-cinnamon smoothie. Btw it was delicious! It was already late so I thought I will wait for dinner and then I will eat. For dinner I had romaine lettuce with cucumber and then some bananas. Not to mention, I was still extremely tired and hungry. Actually, I felt nauseous and could not handle eating more bananas because I was afraid of vomiting. That’s why around 9pm I ate some leftover rice and immediately felt better. Also, I had a terrible terrible headache for the whole day and could not bother to do anything challenging like reading and I watched a film to just do nothing.


Maybe these were signs of the cleanse or whatnot or maybe I was undercarbed but I just had no more space in my tummy and when you’re nauseous then hey… you don’t want to eat anything, right?

Also, I almost forgot, that today I am constipated and I only ate 1 slightly unripe banana. The rest of them were ripe or even overripe to be honest. This is not fun. Not fun.

And I noticed that my teeth became hypersensitive when I was eating the salad, which I normally do not experience. I don’t know if it was caused by the bananas or because I changed my toothpaste. We’ll see about that.

My sleep that night was amazing though. I was extremely tired and I slept like a baby for 9 or 10 hours which is a lot for me right now that I do not go to school or work. I am just never tired and cannot fall asleep.

To sum it all up, here are the good and the bad things that happened during this one day:

+ great energy in the morning
+ good sleep both at night and during my nap

– nausea
– no energy since noon
– horrible headache
– constipation the day after
– hunger when I could not fit any more food into my stomach
– hypersensitivity of my teeth ??????? (maybe it is caused by changing my tooth paste, but I noticed it when I was eating my salad)

I wanted to break it because I could not handle the nausea and the headache and I was also afraid of developing an allergy for bananas and hating their taste after the 7 days. Both of the scenarios would be horrible! So my banana island experience lasted for only one day and I feel much better now that I can eat all the peaches and berries I want ;)

I encourage you to try this as for many people it proved to be very beneficial and they felt great. I cannot say that about myself but it is worth a try to learn your body more and to see on which foods you perform better and on which not that well. I certainly know that I prefer to eat fruit in the morning and cooked in the evening but I am not strict and when I want to eat oatmeal for breakfast I eat it with no regrets afterwards. I encourage you to listen to your body and eat what you want (as long as it’s vegan), when you are hungry and how much you need. Do not force any food into your body because you’ll probably feel sick and you’ll most likely gain weight and for many people this is a big issue when they go vegan and rawtill4 and eat humongous amounts of food and then accuse Freelee of making them fat. That was just a side note. But seriously though.

Always listen to your body and eat wisely.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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