Too many things going on in your head?

Well, I am guilty of that *raises hand*
But who isn’t?

Stress can cause a lot of problems and I have to admit I’ve been pretty stressed out the past few days or weeks even. So much has been happening recently and it imposed a lot of stress on me. You know these days when you are overthinking, struggling with falling asleep and being unable to concentrate? Yes, that’s what’s happening right now. Let me give you some insight.

Fruit is great for staying carbed up and positive!

For the past month or month and a half I was attending driver’s education classes to learn theory and then practice my driving skills. It was a lot of fun but as I was heading towards the end of it I became more and more stressed out. Mainly because I want to pass the theoretical and practical exam so so bad. When the course ended I put off the moment when I had to sign up for the theoretical exam and now as I finally did it (next Tuesday, 16.08 GMT+2) I became even more stressed out. I am literally so afraid of this like… probably the same like of Matura Exam. Yes… now it is not that bad but I can totally see myself stiff, stressed and shaking the following week. You may think: but why do you stress so much about a freaking driving licence? It is obviously less important of a test than Matura, dah… OK, it is not as important in the means of my future prospects but I will need driving licence very very much in the upcoming academic year. An academic year starts in October and as far as I know at this time the train that I used to go to Warsaw by will work differently due to the closure of tracks between two stations. Also when they will have finished working on this railway and tracks and everything the national railway, which serves way more people than my little train near by , will be closed for 15 months! So guess what? Those who will be able to get onto my little train will do that definitely and it will be utterly impossible to get on that train at my stop. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. So what alternatives do I have? Moving to my grandma and getting to uni by public transport, which is horrible in there because there will be only buses and I absolutely hate them like nothing else in the world or getting a driver’s licence and getting there by car. I think we all know which one wins, right? ;) So my parents actually bought a car for me and now I am about to do the test and hopefully pass it. That’s why there is so much pressure on me to get the licence. Another thing is money. Getting the driver’s licence is expensive AF! I do not want to get into detail here but something around 2000pln to get a licence? It is insane and obviously I do not want to spend more and more on each test I take. So I want to pass them in one go. Wish me luck!

So that was the first thing that stresses me out. The second is waiting for the answer whether I will be asked for a job interview or not and then whether I will get the position or not. I so want to have this job and I think about this non stop. I will get into more detail in another post ;)

And the last two things that have been stressing me out recently are trip to Wrocław with a friend of mine, which will be my first completely alone (without parents or grandparents) voyage, and starting uni. I am in two minds now as I literally want this summer break to be over and I do not want it to. I want the stress to go away and at the same time I do not want to study AF ahaha.

Anyway, I wanted to briefly describe what has been going on, why I am so stressed and finally tell you what I do to lower my stress levels and what you can do as well ^^

  1. Meditate. This helps so so much in my opinion. I found some guided meditation videos on youtube and doing it everyday or a couple of times a week can really help become calm again. Here are some videos that I like.
  2. Exercise. Exercise helps to release and produce serotonin in your brain which aids in bettering your mood, digestion, prevents depression and lowers your stress. Let’s not forget about endorphins, which are commonly known as happiness hormones. They speak for themselves ;)
  3. Doing things that you love. Read, write, paint, draw, play music, sing, do more exercise, go for a walk… the options are endless and this can really help you forget about the stress. I love to play the piano and sing. It calms me down enormously and I am ready to take on the rest of my day.
  4. Socialize. If you stay at home by yourself, you are 100% more likely to overthink and stress even more. Go out, meet people and let yourself forget about everything that bothers your and enjoy life!
  5. Stay carbed up! Eat loads of fruits and vegetables to never be hangry and you will be able to think clearly and stay more positive. Trust me, it is proven ;)
  6. Take magnesium supplements. This may sound weird here but stress depletes your body in magnesium and it can cause problems with sleeping, concentrations and even more stress getting you into that never-ending circle.

I hope these tips helped you somehow and please remember to stay happy and positive about everything you do in life. Cherish every moment in your life because you will never go back.

Snacking on some vegan cookies to stay calm lol



Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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