Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | Day 3

Today’s morning started with a shower and two delicious bowls of oatmeal. Just a little update – I am loving starch-based diet recently and I am really seeing these additional kilograms that I have gained eating mostly fruit coming off! I can do an update on my diet after a month or more :)


After breakfast we headed off to see the Centennial Hall in Wrocław that was built in 1913 as a venue for organising exhibitions, sports events etc and as a place for democracy to thrive. It survived the World War II, during which it was a place of Hitler’s informative gatherings and speeches. After the War it was changed into a place of soviet propaganda. Soviets also build a 106m high spike to celebrate the Exhibition of Recovered Territories. Right now the spike is in renovation so we did not see it in its full glory, but it was still impressive to see it lying on the ground under construction. Inside the Centennial Hall we could visit the balcony in the main hall, which was breath-taking. I goes to show how great our knowledge was back in the beginnings of the 20th century. They build it using a mixture of concrete and cement to ensure that it withstands any changes and moves that may occur in the ground. I was really astonished when I heard of it. Also, the dome is far bigger than the one in Pantheon. This all-together leaves me speechless. There are also a few other small buildings that serve as exhibition venues, park and multimedia fountains where light shows are organised at night.

This is a full view of the Centennial Hall


After exploring the Centennial Hall we strolled around the Japanese Garden that is fence to fence with the Centennial Hall area. The Japanese Garden was designed and created by Japanese designers and gardeners as a part of the Horticultural Exhibition in 1913. It is a unique peace of Japanese culture in Europe and I have to admit that it is absolutely gorgeous. It is designed with complete harmony, it is pleasing to the eye, it is calming and beautiful.




Then we were off to see churches in Ostrów Tumski. Ostrów Tumski was once an island but now it is a normal part of Wrocław. There are churches on churches in there but I really liked it. I do not know, I just love the sacral architecture. It is beautiful with its heavy yet soaring feeling and with beautiful stained glass windows. They can feel a bit dark and dismal but also light and glorious. You can actually feel God in there and the holy atmosphere if the church is well-designed. This, however, applies only to old churches in my opinion.




Still walking, we made it to the old town and to the market square. It was so incredibly hot so we just found energy in ourselves to walk through it, look at the buildings and go somewhere else ahaha.





Near the old town was a delicious vegan take-away restaurant called The Root serving sushi and wraps/rice paper rolls as well as falafel, vegan cheesecake, vegan donuts, vegan ice cream, shakes and soups. It was very cheap and delicious! We fell completely in love and we are surely coming back there tomorrow or sometime later during our stay. I ordered a Teriyaki Tempeh burrito and my friend got A la Tuna burrito and we also got one raw vegan cheesecake. Everything was sooooooo good! We really need a restaurant like this in Warsaw (and with the same cheap prices of course).


After we had finished eating our burritos and cheesecake it was already past 3 pm and we were extremely tired. Mainly because of the heat. It was 35 degrees Celsius in the sun! We were so done with walking and the roasting sun that we decided to head back to our hostel and lay on our beds. Also, we did not have enough sleep from the very beginning of our trip so coming back earlier would make it easier for us to go to bed earlier this time lol.


I do not know what we will be doing tomorrow but I am sure it will be very exciting! Stay tuned for another blog post!

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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