Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | Day 4

Today we wanted to see the old town and the market square a bit more as we did not do that yesterday because of the roasting heat. After eating oats for breakfast we headed off to the old town. We heard that there was a monument commemorating livestock and animal slaughter. But before we found it we stepped into a beautiful church. As I mentioned in my previous post I have a thing for churches, especially old like the Romanesque ones. And churches in Wrocław are out of this world. Most of them were built using bricks outside and inside but their walls inside are painted white. In windows, beautiful stained glass is interposed. The church feels in no way heavy or overwhelming, rather it feels light and as if I was closer to God. It is such a beautiful feeling that I just do not want to exit the church at any time.

Next, our feet carried us to the monument. It is such a beautiful gesture and a reminder to meat-eating people that the meat they consume was actually once a muscle of an innocent being that helped it move and stand and do everything a living being does. LIVE.





Later we went for a stroll around the market square and the old town. We also visited the museum that was in the town hall, but it was very poor so I do not think it is worth mentioning here. During our walk we found a fully vegan bar called Vega so we pinned it on to our map to visit it later that day for lunch.

Barley paupiettes with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies

After lunch we decided to visit Sky Tower to see a panorama of Wrocław. It was breathtaking. Wrocław is such a beautiful city and I’m seriously in love with it. The same applies to Gdańsk and I am in two mind right now as to where I would possibly move one day (if I wanted to) ;-;



After seeing this gorgeous view of the city we visited another church which was stunning as well. I think you’ll get bored hearing about every church we’ve been to ahaha. We’ve been to a lot and they were all equally beautiful ;) Our next stop was a tram stop from which we would go home. On our way there we stopped by at a health-food store and got ourselves raw vegan energy bars. Mine was carob hazelnut and it was next level.


When we finally took off the tram we went to buy some fruit and on our way there we stumbled upon this interesting mural art that I just could resist having a photo with it.


Later at night we just chilled, ate and watched Gary Yourofsky’s speech. Right now, my friend is 100% vegan and I am even more proud of her!

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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