Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | My computer crashed!

OK. So on the same day that I posted the previous post so day 4 of my trip my computer crashed. I don’t know what happened but as soon as I logged in as any user the desktop started to blink like crazy – it went from normal to black on and on. The only thing I was able to do was to click ctrl-alt-del. The screen stopped blinking then but when I clicked on  the windows task manager it came back to my usual desktop but the task manager would not open. It opened only once the first time I opened me laptop and it showed that my processor is used up to 99%! I was freaking out so I called my dad, who was at my uncle’s house because they both have worked in the computer industry their whole lives and they did not know how to help me. I was even unable to open the manual view where you manually decide what you want to do (black screen with white letters and options to choose from that used to open automatically at the start of any windows 7 and less device). Right now I am using our Mac mini that we have connected to our TV. I really hope that my computer will be fine and that it is not a virus of any sort ;-;

I just want to briefly tell you about everything that happened since my computer broke.

Saturday | Day 5

That day we went for a walk around the old town and the market square hoping to find something interesting to see. While we were walking my friend spotted a museum of anthropology so we stepped inside. It turned out that we were the only visitors at that time so we had a personal tour with an audio guide that a woman working there as a custodian, who was also educated in biology and archeology if I’m not mistaken, played for us and later she answered all of our questions. We learned so much in that museum, ie I learned that there are 3 different places in our body that can be attacked by the mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes tuberculosis and these are: lungs, brain (generally our nervous system) and bones. The custodian told us to visit the University 0f Wrocław that was near by and see the Leopoldin’s Auditorium, the Mathematician Tower and the Marianum Ortario. It was truly breath-taking. The whole main building of the University was build in Baroque so the interior was drowned with gold and unnecessary decorations but it was still marvelous. The view from the Mathematician Tower was nothing like the one from the Sky Tower we went to the previous day but still beautiful.

silly me at the tower

Later we went to a restaurant to eat something. We ordered a falafel in pita and a tofu burger. Both dishes were unfortunately not that good, but we ate them anyway. Out of the 4 vegan restaurants we’ve been to in Wrocław this one was the worst.


After an early dinner/late lunch we went to a Botanical Garden, which was very very beautiful with all the colorful flowers. However, I think that the Botanical Garden in Warsaw is hands down better.

Sunday | Day 6

On Sunday we wanted to go to Church as we are both Catholics. We chilled in our room until it was time to leave, so we had a lazy morning and a lazy breakfast. After the mass we were so hungry that we headed straight to a restaurant. I ordered a vegan curry with tofu, basmati rice, spinach, sprouts and a delicious sauce that I have no idea what it was made of. My friend got a falafel tortilla and we shared a tofu cheesecake for dessert.


That tofu cheesecake was just as I remembered from my childhood. In Poland we traditionally make cheesecake from curd cheese and not cream cheese aka Philadelphia cheese like in America or other western countries. I find this way of making cheesecake way better both in terms of flavor and texture. It is less silky than the western one and has a more cheesy flavor to it. That’s why this tofu cheesecake reminded me of that traditional Polish cheesecake contrary to the one made from cashews. The cashew cheesecake is more similar to the western cheesecake in my opinion. For sure when I learn how to make a perfect tofu cheesecake I will share the recipe with you :)


After lunch we went to the town’s beach. We sat on some chairs near the harbor where people could hire a kayak or a water bike. A family sat near us and we had loads of laughs looking at and listening to their children. Unfortunately, the kid’s mom was teaching them bad wording and bad behavior such as screaming and beating. It got darker, colder and windier so we went back to our room and right after we sat on our beds it started pouring with rain! We had a lot of luck there. After it stopped raining we went to the old town for a walk and then went to the Centennial Hall to see a light show at the fountains. It was absolutely incredible. The lightning was perfect and the music brought back our childhood as they played ‘old’ tunes from the early 2000s. There was also fire burning at the center of the fountain! We were very impressed.

Monday | Day 7

Our last full day in Wrocław. And we were so tired. Literally I did not want to go out ahaha. But we gathered ourselves and went out to see the White Stork Synagogue after it stopped raining. The synagogue was really beautiful and we got to know much more about Jews than we already had. Before visiting the Synagogue we went to the restaurant that sells vegan burritos, sushi, donuts and ice cream and my friend got a burrito and I got myself some vegan donut goodness with chocolate sauce on top. Delicious.


After the synagogue we wanted to see other churches and holly places in Wrocław but they were all closed so we ended up just having a walk. Suddenly it started to rain again so we went for a cup of coffee and tea.


We decided that we have seen everything we wanted to in Wrocław and headed to our hostel for the evening and dinner.

Tuesday | Coming back home

This day was kind of boring but I wanted to tell you that our bus came late. I really freaked out when at the time when our bus was supposed to leave came a bus to Prague instead of Warsaw. I could not contain myself and I was stressing so so hard. But fortunately our bus came 15 minutes late and it was all fine and dandy. Also, we got to talk to some funny people. There was a man that was going to Łódź and he was really eager to talk to us. He was telling us quite a lot of jokes and stuff ahaha. Also there was a woman that was currently living in Ireland and she could not go by a direct flight to Łódź so she had to fly to Wrocław and then take a bus that was late and I totally can imagine how awkward she must have felt and how lost as well!

Now I am safe at home during a strangely warm September thinking of new posts to come! Maybe some back to school stuff and dinner idea? ;)

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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