Adventures | Vegan food market

Oh my… That day was one of my favourites so far.

It started off with a good night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready to embark on some foodie adventures. For breakfast I had a delicious and filling bowl of bananas, oat cereal and almond milk. So good. It may sound weird to you but I really enjoy doing makeup although I don’t put it on everyday. (Since I was 11 or 12 I was binge-watching makeup tutorials on youtube. Yup… but only this year did I start actually putting on makeup and filling okay with it. And watching these videos really gave me some ideas on how to do it so I don’t look like a hot mess today ahaha.) Before leaving I put on some foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara and done my nails too because they really needed some love. And it felt so nice to pamper myself and make myself look nice and put-together.


I left to the train station where I met my friend M. We were talking on our way to Warsaw and it was such a lovely time. We see each other really rarely but I hope we will make up for it soon when the uni starts! Also, I was planning on going to the Food Market with two of my friends but one named K got sick and unfortunately could not make it this Saturday. So I thought I would cheer her up and got her some vegan tofu oreo cheesecake and coconut burma.

But what is that Vegan Food Market?

Well, it was organised as a side event for the 5th Warsaw Vegan Run. All (or the majority) of vegan restaurants in Warsaw gathered in one place in Skaryszewski Park near the National Stadium. One could go around, look, smell, taste and buy all their insanely delicious food. The variety was really great. There were healthy meals like salads, rice, beans, potatoes etc, traditional Polish food such as pierogi (dumplings) or vegan pate, indian curry, and of course there must have been some unhealthy options such as pizza, burgers (with toasted buns!), falafel wraps, cakes, ice cream, baklava, burma and halva. Everything was to die for. I’m not joking.


We started off our vegan food indulgence with cake. Maybe not the best option but we wanted to try it and there were only a few pieces left. I got a halva cake for myself and a tofu oreo cheesecake for K. M got herself another flavour of the tofu cheesecake but we didn’t try it at the venue and she took it home.

I was so hungry th t I forgot to take a photo before trying it :P

After the cake we wanted to try pizza so so bad. We got 2 slices. One was with beetroot, spinach, pumpkin seeds and capers and the other one was with vegan salami, red bell pepper, mushrooms and pineapple. Both were really delicious but I have to say that the salami one stole my heart.


We quickly ate that and ordered more food because we love it. We ordered the best vegan burger of my life and a mediocre falafel wrap to share. As I didn’t like the falafel wrap I’m not going to dwell on it. But the burger though… The patty was made out of millet and some other stuff so it was super moist and delicious (it had a slightly orange tint to it). They also put in it some BBQ sauce, vegan mayo and they didn’t skimp on veggies. Also you could choose which bun you’d like and I opted for a rye bun which I didn’t know they would toast! It was the first time I’ve ever eaten a crunchy burger. And I recommend it to every burger serving restaurant. Amazing!


After eating all this we were so stuffed that we actually could not move ahaha. We sat there and listened to some freestyle rap music. Their lyrics were so funny! I really enjoyed it. And that says a lot as I am not a big fun of rap and hip hop music. I prefer actual melody and singing. When we finally were able to move slightly we went to buy more food for later. We got pistachio and cacao halva, mocha flavoured baklava, cashew burma for ourselves and coconut burma for K. M also got chia pudding with mango sauce as she had never tried it before. We both agreed to spend the rest of the evening at a lovely beach in Warsaw by the Vistula River. We just sat there, talked, took some photos and appreciated the beautiful view that extended in front of us. Warsaw is such a beautiful city. Many people would disagree, but for me there is something beautiful and magical in its disordered mishmash of buildings, styles and streets. I love sitting there by the river watching all the people passing by, watching the water hitting the unregulated shore, watching and listening to the cars, trams, busses and trains moving on bridges… It’s just so beautiful there, I wish I lived there just to be able to easily go to that beach and enjoy the city and nature at once.


Oh well, I got a bit dreamy and poetic there. Back to the food though. When we saw dark clouds above us we decided it was time to go home. While waiting for our train we ate the rest of our food so baklava, burma and halva. It was sooooooooo sweet but we were brave and ate it all in 30 minutes with little water to drink.


When we were finally back home it was already 6:45pm but I thought that it would be alright to drive to K and give here the cake and burma. So I did it. She was really happy and could not thank me enough. It was such a warm and great feeling to make someone I care about happy. Please, go ahead and do something nice to people you love to show them that you care. It will make both their and your day. It is a really empowering to see smiles on their faces and to feel that you have done something good in your life. It can be anything really. You can just tell them you love them and give them a big warm hug. You can make them a cake (even in a mug). You can sing something for them. You can draw something for them. You can help them. You can just talk to them. You can listen.

There are many possibilities. But do whatever feels good in your relationship and do it to make someone else happy and not only you.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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