Mom’s Vegan Barlotto


Hi guys! Long time no see!

I’m really sorry for not posting for I don’t know… a month maybe? I started university as you all probably know and it’s been really hectic trying to organise my time and to get good grades and to sleep. Yes, that’s a problem too ahaha. But fortunately enough I’ve got a whole week off uni due to the All Saint’s Day here in Poland and I either have a statutorily free day or my lecturers called their classes off. So now I have the time to talk to you and, as much as I don’t want to believe it, to study. But enough about me, how were you all doing? Are you happy? Is everything okay? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


Back to the recipe. Maybe you are wondering what the heck is barlotto. Let me explain. This is simply a risotto made with barley. As simple as that. And this one is also vegan. So if you love barley then I’m sure you will love this dish.

I called it “mom’s” because it is not my recipe but literally my mom’s. She made this dish a while ago and our whole family loved it so I asked her to write the recipe for you guys. And here you go – an easy and delicious vegan barlotto.



For the barley:
3/4 cup whole pearl barley
almost 2 cups water (1 7/8 cup)
1tbsp vegetable seasoning (or to taste)
1tbsp sunflower seed oil

For the barlotto:
2 medium onions
2 garlic cloves
2 hot peppers
6 greens olives
4 sun-dried tomatoes
2 medium carrots
1/2 can black beans
1 red bell pepper
2 tomatoes
6 mushrooms
1 medium zucchini
500ml vegetable stock
salt and pepper
2tsp sweet paprika
2tsp Mediterranean spice (basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, thyme)
fresh parsley


1. First cook the barley. Add water into a pot and bring to a boil. Season with vegetable seasoning and oil and add your barley. Cook covered for 15 minutes. Then put the pot into a warm (60°C) oven for around 2 hours.

2. When the barley is done chop all your veggies. Add onions and garlic into a pan with a little bit of oil.

3. After the onions and garlic are cooked add in chopped carrots and zucchini (around 1cm wide). Fry for about 5 minutes.

4. Add dried tomatoes (remember to drain the oil if using tomatoes with oil!) and hot peppers. Stir.

5. Prepare the vegetable stock – we used the cubed one so we needed to add water to it and dissolve, but feel free to use whatever you fancy. Add it to the pan and stir.

6. Add spices to taste. The cover and let it simmer until vegetables are nice and soft.

7. Just before removing the pan from the heat add red bell pepper and fresh tomatoes (seeds removed). Cook until the bell pepper is tender, not mushy!

8. Add the pearl barley, stir and leave covered for 10 minutes off the heat. After the 10 minutes stir in chopped fresh parsley and serve.

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.



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