Warming Fall Pumpkin Soup

Fall is all about pumpkins and spices. Am I right? Everything is either made out of pumpkin or pumpkin spiced and so on. People go crazy over it! And so do I.

There are many types of pumpkins and winter squashes but my favourites happen to be butternut squash and hokkaido pumpkin. What are your favourites? Continue reading


WHAT I ATE/DID TODAY | Driver’s licence

Hello peeps! Today’s post is a bit different. I am completely addicted to What I ate today vlogs on YouTube and I have been thinking about making such blog posts for a looooooong time. I was encouraged by myself thinking YOLO and actually finding this kind of post on Floral Foods! Now I am totally going to do these and hopefully very often hihi.


IMG_20160816_075110-1 Continue reading

Spicy “Miso Soup” with rice noodles and veggies

Hello everyone!

Finally I have got round to writing my first recipe. I’m really nervous about that. I hope you will like it :)
But without further ado let’s get down to it!

Miso Ramen Continue reading