Adventures | Vegan food market


Oh my… That day was one of my favourites so far. It started off with a good night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready to embark on some foodie adventures. For breakfast I had a delicious and filling bowl of bananas, oat cereal and almond milk. So good. It may sound weird to you but I really enjoy doing makeup although I don’t put it on everyday. (Since I was 11 or 12 I was binge-watching makeup tutorials on youtube. Yup… but only this year did I start actually putting on makeup and filling okay with it. And watching these videos really gave me some ideas on how to do it so I don’t look like a hot mess today ahaha.) Before leaving I put on some foundation, … read more

9 things I love about Fall

d2cab45cf84773d4d79210ae41b00ea9Fall is a weird season. It is neither warm nor cold (although right now it is around 30 degrees each day at the beginning of September :P). It is a transition. Many people don’t like it because of its gloominess, me included, but I think tat every season of the year deserves some love. Don’t you think? … read more



Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | My computer crashed!

img_20160908_131439.jpgOK. So on the same day that I posted the previous post so day 4 of my trip my computer crashed. I don’t know what happened but as soon as I logged in as any user the desktop started to blink like crazy – it went from normal to black on and on. The only thing I was able to do was to click ctrl-alt-del. The screen stopped blinking then but when I clicked on  the windows task manager it came back to my usual desktop but the task manager would not open. It opened only once the first time I opened me laptop and it showed that my processor is used up to 99%! I was freaking out so I called my dad, who was at my uncle’s house because they both have worked in the computer industry their whole lives and… read more

Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | Day 4

IMG_20160902_164622-2Today we wanted to see the old town and the market square a bit more as we did not do that yesterday because of the roasting heat. After eating oats for breakfast we headed off to the old town. We heard that there was a monument commemorating livestock and animal slaughter. But before we found it we stepped into a beautiful church. As I mentioned in my previous post I have a thing for churches, especially old like the Romanesque ones. And churches in Wrocław are out of this world. Most of them were built using bricks outside and inside but their walls inside are painted white. In windows, beautiful stained glass is interposed. The church feels in no way heavy or overwhelming, … read more

Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | Day 3

pro-camToday’s morning started with a shower and two delicious bowls of oatmeal. Just a little update – I am loving starch-based diet recently and I am really seeing these additional kilograms that I have gained eating mostly fruit coming off! I can do an update on my diet after a month or more :) Anyhow. After breakfast we headed off to see the Centennial Hall in Wrocław that was built in 1913 as a venue for organising exhibitions, sports events etc and as a place for democracy to thrive. It survived the World War II, during which it was a place of Hitler’s informative gatherings and speeches. After the War it was changed into a place of soviet propaganda. Soviets also build a 106m high spike to celebrate … read more

Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | Day 2

davDay 2 was spent at the Zoo. We heard many great reviews of that place in Wrocław so we treated it as a must-see and went there on our first day. In the morning, we had a delicious breakfast. I had instant oats for the first time. I know, right??? And they were absolutely delicious and so convenient! I’m utterly amazed ahaha. I added to them some chia seeds, coconut rice milk, goji berries, shredded coconut, raisins, dried pineapple chunks and fresh dates. And no, I did not buy everything here, I took all this with me from home. Well, I only bought oats here. And potatoes, rice, veggies, fruit and spices. When we were all carbed up and ready to hit the city we went to the zoo. I did not take any pictures there because… read more

Trip to Wrocław (Breslau) | DAY 1

davI planned this trip back in June 2016 with my boyfriend, yet my plans had to be changed because we broke up in July. Fortunate enough, all the tickets and rooms were booked at my name so I could go but had to find someone else to go with me instead. And here my best friend comes in. She said she would love to come with me and so here we are! We are staying in a very nice hostel near the centre of Wrocław for a week. We got there by bus and it took us 5 and a half hours, which is pretty fast in my opinion and what is more – it was cheap as hell. The journey went by very smoothly as we talked and laughed and relaxed. When we took off the bus in Wrocław at 3:30 pm … read more

New chapter new hair!

davI have been wanting to do this for a few moths now and I finally found the courage inside of me to go to the hairdresser and cut my hair. I had very long hair for a couple of years and I got a bit sick of it to be honest. You know how it tangles all the time, goes everywhere (even food on your plate) and you cannot wear your hair down during summer because it’s too hot and you get super sweaty. So I thought, since I am embarking on a new chapter in my life called “university & adulthood” I can change up my looks to have a clean and fresh start. I wanted to cut my hair shoulder-length or a little bit longer, right above … read more

WHAT I ATE/DID TODAY | Driver’s licence

IMG_20160816_115606-1Hello peeps! Today’s post is a bit different. I am completely addicted to What I ate today vlogs on YouTube and I have been thinking about making such blog posts for a looooooong time. I was encouraged by myself thinking YOLO and actually finding this kind of post on Floral Foods! Now I am totally going to do these and hopefully very often hihi. Breakfast was this delicious green smoothie bowl:
2.5 bananas (the other half is on top)
1 mango
read more

Too many things going on in your head?

IMG_20160812_100512-3Well, I am guilty of that *raises hand*
But who isn’t?

Stress can cause a lot of problems and I have to admit I’ve been pretty stressed out the past few days or weeks even. So much has been happening recently and it imposed a lot of stress on me. You know these days when you are overthinking, struggling with falling asleep and being unable to concentrate? Yes, that’s what’s happening right now. Let me give you some insight. For the past month or month and a half I was attending driver’s education classes to learn theory and then practice my driving skills. It was a lot of fun but as I was heading … read more

One year vegan – how it changed my life

13534447_614613438701380_1607027670_nI have been plant-based and later vegan for about a year now. It has been an incredible experience and I want to share with you how it has benefited my life.

It all started when I was sick of dieting. For almost a year before I decided to change my lifestyle I was restricting my calories and actually ate very little each day for a couple of months. Sometimes even a few rice cakes with honey, one apple, one carrot, walnuts and raisins. When in June 2015 I decided to start eating normally again I thought that the best way to do that… read more

One day banana island experience

13628133_1732572383651957_1375207713_nI really need to make some kind of a schedule for this blog. It’s getting insane!

Anyway, today I wanted to describe to you how my first and last day of banana island went. First of all, what is banana island? It is a detox/cleanse during which you eat only bananas, leafy greens, cucumber, celery and spices like cinnamon and vanilla. It is meant to improve your digestion, help get rid of toxins reset your taste buds, heal your body both physically and mentally. I thought that this would be ideal right now because I was not eating very well for the past couple of weeks and… read more

Day #30: Last post in the challenge

Wow, this 30 days flew by so fast…

So many things happened during this time. I passed my last and the one I worried about the most Matura exam on the first day of this challenge. Then I took part in a course for safety service but actually never guarded any event since then ahahaha. During the Corpus Christi I went with my choir to Madrid which was awesome (if you want to check out what we were up to in detail click here for the first day :) ). When I came home I was super busy with work and preparing for the proficiency certificate exam. I hope I passed it and since then I am doing all the house work that is needed and things I truly love and desire. … read more

Day #29: Chill chill chill

Oh my, we are almost coming to an end with this challenge! When did it happen? I have to say, that this was both so much fun and work. Late nights and so on but so worth the while. Nevertheless, today is my laaaaaaazy day and I am getting the most out of it.

I went to bed pretty early last night and woke up today at 6:30 after a 8 and a half hour sleep. This was very needed as all the stress started coming out of me a few days ago and I was exhausted every single day. Today I am feeling fine but I think a bit more sleep and rest would do no harm. Ok, so after I woke up I read a bit of “The Little Book of Skin Care. Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin”, which … read more

Days #27 and #28: Summer break… finally!

IMGP4191-1I can finally say that summer break is officially here in my life. Yuhuu!

Now I don’t have to stress over exams for next 3 and a half months. Ok, there will most likely be two more exams awaiting me but they will be nothing but pleasure. I am talking of course about passing my driving licence exams. I don’t how about you but I personally am very fond of driving and I cannot wait until I will start a course. Maybe it is because I always associated driving with adulthood and when I drive I feel more mature or that the feel of speed fills me with excitement and adrenaline or maybe it is a mixture of both that I like sitting behind the wheel so much. Right now my dad allows me to use his moped so that I could run errands in the neighbourhood like shopping or going to rehearsals. It is so much fun I have to admit and the best part of it is that I don’t need a driving licence to use it! … read more

Days #23 to #26: Chilling out and CPE

Ugh, it happened again…

And I am so sorry for the lack of photos. I promise that right now I will do better ;-;

But there is not much to write about to be honest with you :( Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty similar that is studying, food shopping, cooking and studying. However, Thursday was a bit different.

On Thursday I was writing my first ever Cambridge certificate exam. So it would not be me if I did not think that I was biting more than I could chew with this certificate. During classes not everything was easy for me, actually very little was easy for me especially practice tests that our teacher was giving us. In the Wednesday evening I started getting really stressed and on Thursday while waiting to enter the room stress and the need to go home got real. … read more

What was happening on days #17 to #22??????

Wow, I am the most terrible blogger ever. I cannot even do this freaking 30 day challenge!

Seriously, I had so much on my head this past week that I barely had time to do anything and when I could actually do something I was too tired to think so I decided not to write because I don’t think you would like to read about it. What is more, I had no time to take photos whatsoever. BUT! After this Thursday or maybe a bit later I will have much more free time so blog posts will be more regular and about stuff that might me a bit more interesting than my everyday life, which tbh is kind of boring.

That is why I decided to make a compilation post to tell you briefly what has been going on for the past 6 days. … read more

Day #16: Resting after travelling


This day was a tad lazy for me because I really needed a good sleep after this hectic few days of going to bed at midnight and waking up at 6. I definitely need to go to bed at least at 10:30pm and wake up at 7:30 am to function properly. That’s why I slept in a little and then went on a bike ride. Oh, how I missed it! It felt amazing after these few days. … read more

Madrid Day #5 : We’re leaving! :(


So it happened. We are leaving today. So sad ;-;

But I know for sure that I will come back to Madrid for the third time and see Toledo for the second. I also would like to see Barcelona for the second time as I remember very little from it and with my parents we lived on a camping outside the city so it was an entirely different experience. I would love to experience the city and see how it is to live there for some time. That is why I’ve decided that I am taking my boyfriend with me next year and we go abroad for three months to travel around Europe with our backpacks. And if he tries to refuse… I’ll force him ^^ … read more

Madrid Day #4 : Visiting Toledo and concerting


This Sunday we went to see Toledo.

And that is it that I can say about it.

It was so beautiful! It is placed on a highland and there are such small streets than a car cannot fit in them and they are so mixed with each other that it is very easy to get lost. Actually, on our way to the concert we got lost and walked in circles for some time ahahah. Before the concert our conductor wanted to show us the house of El Greco who lived in Toledo after moving to Spain from Greece and died there. As you may already know, … read more

Madrid Day #3 : Day off


This day was amazing. We first went to see Cerralbo Museum, which is located in a house of Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa who was Marquis of Cerralbo and it houses the collection of its former owner. I have very little photos from there but I hope you’ll get the gist :) … read more

Madrid Day #2 : Sightseeing and delicious food



I have to say that Spanish bread is absolutely amazing. I could not eat enough of it at breakfast! So delicious and crisp and ugh…

After a delicious breakfast consisting of bread, tomato puree and olive oil we went to see Templo Debod (The Temple of Debod), which is an Egyptian temple in a park in Madrid given to the country as a gift after Spain helped Egypt and UNESCO to secure old temples and other antiquities from a possible threat of flood caused by building of the Aswan High Dam. It was dismantled in Egypt and all sand blocks were marked so that they will be able to reconstruct ideally in Madrid. Some block though are new but it still looks amazing with all the hieroglyphs and its history. … read more

Madrid Day #1 : Fear of flight and Guernica


I am so afraid of flying. It is insane. I am terrified of the fact that we are 9000 meters above the ground and that I cannot do anything in any emergency and that I have to trust the pilot 100%. This freaks me out. Also I hate ladings and turns during flight. It makes me very nauseous and usually landings take f o r e v e r.

This flight was nothing different. I was late because somebody had to make herself a big bowl of spinach-parsley nicecream for breakfast ;) … read more

Day #10: English, Choir and Madrid

Today was nice and warm and I spent it in a very pleasant way.

Pleasant apart from the fact that I had to go to school at 8:15…

You might think: What? School? You said your school was over? 0.0 Yes, that is true that I finished school, but we arranged meetings with my English teacher to prepare us for a Proficiency Certificate Exam in June. So that is why I have to go to school at the same hours that we had English during school year and guess what? We have to write 2 compositions for each class. … read more

Day #9: Quality time with a friend and Asian food Polish style

This day was absolutely amazing. It was warm and sunny outside, perfect weather that encourages you to go and move your body. So I decided to do my parents a favour and buy some bananas because we were running out of spotty bananas aka 5 left ahahahaah. I also wanted to go shopping to buy dates for my trip to Madrid between Thursday and Monday. I ended up buying dates and a paleo raw vegan chocolate hazelnut bar and well… it tasted a bit a like a dark chocolate version of nutella which was nice but not outstanding. I hope the dates will be good though! And bananas are ripening right now. Nicecream here I come! … read more

Day #7 and Day #8: Vegan “problems”


I am so pissed right now.

People always always always think that they know everything and try to tell everybody around them that they are stupid. It is like… like you could not be kind and try to understand somebody else’s point of view?? Is it that hard? Seriously?

So many people have been telling me that veganism is going to kill me and that I will be malnourished in the future and whatnot. … read moreread more

Day #6: Finding passion


It was a very busy day for me. I ate this delicious breakfast of bananas, apple and grapes drizzled with maple syrup. Yuuuum… After that I had to go to library to collect a book that they ordered for me. It is “The Great Gatsby” an unabridged version that I need to read for my Proficiency in English Certificate exam in June. It’d better be interesting as I don’t want to stop reading “Honour Among Thieves” ahahah. …read more

Day #5: Consumerism – good or bad & finding true happiness


I am a bit late, I know, but yesterday I came home pretty late and I was so tired that I couldn’t gather my thoughts.

Anyway, day 5 went pretty smoothly. I woke up, ate breakfast and embarked on working on that translation for my mum. For breakfast I had oranges with tahini and shredded coconut. This combo is life, let me tell you. Especially when oranges are in season, then it is a perfect mix of sweet, sour and well… tahini. Just try it when oranges are in season, you’re going to love it. … read more

Day #4: Cycling, working and eating


Today was a full-time-job-kind-of-day for me. I woke up a bit later than I thought I would (7:30 am I know it’s soooooo late :p ) and immediately wrote day #3 post because yesterday I came home pretty late and I was extremely tired of all the stress and whatnot so I went straight to bed. After finishing updating you guys on what is currently happening in my life I went for a ride. It was a bit chilly this morning but at the same time sunny, so at first I was super cold and later I was draining in sweat. First world problems I know hahaha. The minute I got home I stretched my body a little bit. Remember: always stretch after a workout, … read more

Day #3: New job & overcoming shyness


Today’s morning was just perfect. I woke up when I was well-rested, I made myself some breakfast and watched a couple of youtube videos. I didn’t go on a ride today because I am really really sore from that HIIT workout I performed yesterday :( I’ll make up for that tomorrow. I’ve spent the day working on this blog, so updating pages and making it a bit more organized. Nothing special. In the evening though I participated in a training course and right now as I am writing this I am a member of a “safety service” at mass events. So I am basically a person who watches the people at an event and looks for suspicious and dangerous behaviour, guards a place that is not allowed admittance to most people and checks people’s clothes and bags at the entrance. So cool, right? :D

However, I want to quickly talk about confidence. … read more

Day #2: work work work work work work


Hello! Even though I finished school in April and had my final final exam on Monday I had to come back to school today because I forgot shoes from my locker. That’s how it is when you’re all over the shop ;) … read more

Day #1: Freedom


Today I am finally free. It has been hectic these past 3 years. New school, new people, making friends, losing friends, self-hate, anorexia, veganism… So much changed throughout those 3 years and they just flew by so fast. I grew up and I am a completely different person now. … read more

Why I was absent for such a long time…

Well well well…

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything. I am really sorry and here I am going to explain to you why.

This year was my final year at high school and of course it was followed by final exams – polish Matura. I tried to write sth every week or at least every month during autumn and beginning of winter but later, in 2016 it was impossible for me. I had to study so much, I literally did 2-3 papers in chemistry and maths. Basically those last 5 months almost were about studying studying studying…

But I have some good news! Today I had my last exam for a long time. I am right now as free as a bird and I can concentrate on doing all the things that I love and desire. That means… 4 whole months filled with eating and cooking, reading, taking photos and writing my blog. I am so pumped up and excited you just won’t believe me.

And what are my plans for these 4 upcoming months? … read more

My eating disorder story

This year has been a year of great changes for me.

I have learned to stop blaming myself for everybody’s unhappiness.
I have learned to love my body no matter how it looked.
I have learned to open myself to others.
I have learned to keep a positive attitude no matter what.
I have learned to be happy.

I couldn’t have done that without my parents’, my boyfriend’s/best friend’s help and without going vegan and finding out about the vegan community.

My parents where the first to notice that there was something wrong with me last Christmas. They saw that I wasn’t eating, that I was constantly unhappy, that I was almost a shadow of my former self. After long discussions they finally persuaded me to eat. It brought about many good things to my body and mind. I had more strength, I was thinking faster and clearer, I had better marks at school, my contacts with other people had greatly improved… But after some time, despite all these benefits, I started once again to see myself as fat and ugly. I told myself:

Adela, you’re definitely eating too much. Wake up! You won’t be skinny if you eat all of this!

And it all happened again. I stopped eating. … read more