Adventures | Vegan food market


Oh my… That day was one of my favourites so far. It started off with a good night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready to embark on some foodie adventures. For breakfast I had a delicious and filling bowl of bananas, oat cereal and almond milk… When we were finally back home it was already 6:45pm but I thought that it would be alright to drive to K and give here the cake and burma. So I did it. She was really happy and could not thank me enough. It was such a warm and great feeling to make someone I care about happy. Please, go ahead and do something nice to people you love to show them that you care. It will make both… read more

I like school & why you should too

I know that for many people school is a torment and they utterly hate it. But it doesn’t have to be so. School can be fun, you just have to focus on the right things. Here’s my point of view and my story, maybe it would give you some ideas on how to actually enjoy school :)

School has always been a big part of my life. Everything happened at school. I spent most of my time there playing with kids, talking, studying, having fun. Even though I’m a bit tired of studying I am still looking forward to it. I am looking forward to meeting new people and socializing. … read more

Overcome social anxiety & embrace your introvertism

Being alone is okay. Being an introvert is okay. We all need some time alone and it is okay to do so.

Some people do not understand how introverts work. They measure everyone with their own yardstick hence their distorted judgement of how a person should look like. They feel that people should socialize everyday, talk with people face-to-face or through social media or other messengers simply because they do it. And this is not how introverts work. They need the time to quiet down, be with themselves and ‘de-socialize’ to come back refreshed and ready to socialize again. So if you are an extravert, please understand that and do not demand your introverted friends to socialize when they do not want to because they will have no fun and sometimes they can ruin your fun too. And if you are an introvert, maybe try sometimes to socialize more and see how you feel? … read more

Too many things going on in your head?

IMG_20160812_100512-3Well, I am guilty of that *raises hand*
But who isn’t?

Stress can cause a lot of problems and I have to admit I’ve been pretty stressed out the past few days or weeks even. So much has been happening recently and it imposed a lot of stress on me. You know these days when you are overthinking, struggling with falling asleep and being unable to concentrate? Yes, that’s what’s happening right now. Let me give you some insight. For the past month or month and a half I was attending driver’s education classes to learn theory and then practice my driving skills. It was a lot of fun but as I was heading … read more

Day #6: Finding passion

IMGP3780_3Passion is something we look for our whole lives, I believe. We look for it because it has been already selected and assigned for us. Without constant search of this one particular passion of ours we become bored with our lives and generally unhappy.
That’s why it is so important to never lose this drive that keeps us seeking our passion. And I want you to know too, that we cannot sit and think about what our passion would be and say that we found it. It doesn’t work this way. … read more

Day #5: Consumerism – good or bad & finding true happiness

IMGP3775_3A lot of people are fixated on this concept of “having” nowadays. We want to possess way too much clothes, furniture, equipment etc, generally expensive stuff, which we don’t really need except for showing off. We base our self-worth on what we have and on what we don’t have and cannot afford to have. We compare ourselves to others who are far richer than us, in terms of money of course. … read more

Day #3: New job & overcoming shyness

IMGP3646_3There is a lot that I can say about this topic but today I want to focus on making things, which you really want to happen, happen. This is something that I struggle a bit with since now. The key to overcoming your shyness is to tell yourself that nobody will hurt you if you say or do something wrong. It used to be my biggest fear, for example when I was a little Adela I was always terrified to come up to a salesperson and ask about another size or a particular clothing item. Now I have no problem with that as I realized that this is that person’s job and that I won’t … read more