Lunch & Dinner


Whole wheat pasta salad and freshly pressed juice

pasta salad2

I’ve been craving quinoa for some time now, but I just couldn’t get round to cooking it. There was always something. Something else for dinner. No time. Leftovers that had to be eaten. Always something. But yesterday after the whole week of tests I decided to treat myself to quinoa salad. I came home quite early because I had only one exam in Chemistry that day, which began at 8:30 and the time given was 3 hours but I finished it half an hour earlier. It was neither hard nor easy. Some tasks were extremely obvious, but on a few I had to strain my mind to work out the answer. It took so long mainly because it consisted of 40 tasks, none of which was an ABC question! … read more


Warming Fall Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin-soupFall is all about pumpkins and spices. Am I right? Everything is either made out of pumpkin or pumpkin spiced and so on. People go crazy over it! And so do I. There are many types of pumpkins and winter squashes but my favourites happen to be butternut squash and hokkaido pumpkin. What are your favourites? I can eat butternut squash straight out of the oven without adding anything to it, yet I have to add some spices and condiments to pumpkins, even hokkaido one. However, both make the best fall soup in the world. It is super creamy and rich and spicy … read more

Spicy “Miso Soup” with rice noodles and veggies

miso soup 2

Hello everyone!

Finally I have got round to writing my first recipe. I’m really nervous about that. I hope you will like it :) But without further ado let’s get down to it! I was thinking a lot about what I can make as my first recipe and I had many many many ideas, like some butternut squash salad or buckwheat pancakes with some green filling or even something as simple as millet with greens. But then on Saturday, when I was about to cook and take pictures I … read more

Food To-Go

Vegan School/Work Lunch Ideas

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you my vegan lunch ideas that you can take to school, uni or work, basically wherever you want to take a packed lunch with you. I am using here Sistema’s container that I have been using for a while now and I can honestly recommend them. This is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely like these containers and I find them perfect for my lunches :) … read more

Main Meals

Millet and Carrot Patties | Vegan Dinner Idea

carrot-millet-pattiesLong overdue but it is finally here! The recipe for my carrot and millet patties. I came up with this recipe on my way home I guess when I wanted some kind of a patty for dinner. It was inspired by my friend’s mom who made millet patties for dinner when I visited them. So sweet of her to make me a vegan dinner, thank you so so much! She made them using only millet, caramelised onions, water and spices. So I thought they would be fairly easy to recreate, but also adding some carrots. … read more

Mom’s Vegan Barlotto

vegan-barlottoHi guys! Long time no see! I’m really sorry for not posting for I don’t know… a month maybe? I started university as you all probably know and it’s been really hectic trying to organise my time and to get good grades and to sleep. Yes, that’s a problem too ahaha. But fortunately enough I’ve got a whole week off uni due to the All Saint’s Day here in Poland and I either have a statutorily free day or my lecturers called their classes off. So now I have the time to talk to you and, as much as I don’t want to believe it, to study. But enough about me, how were you all doing? … read more

The Best Low Fat Vegan Chili

chili-sin-carneHere it is. The best vegan chili sin carne. And I am about to share the recipe with you.

Maybe you know it already or maybe not but when it comes to cooking I don’t measure anything by spoons etc I just eye-ball it. Hence it’s hard for me to tell you the exact measurements in this recipe, but I’ll try my best! So please feel free to add less spices at the beginning and then build them up to your liking. This way you are making sure you don’t add too much. It’ always easier to add more than to take away, right?… read more

The best baked potatoes | Vegan & Oil-free

wp-image-1695315696jpg.jpgAs well all know potatoes are any starch based vegan best friend. So delicious, healthy, nutritious, filling… What more could you ask for? Oh, super easy to make too. All potatoes are amazing, sweet or normal, all kinds. However, I have only tried normal potatoes and normal sweet potatoes (orange on the inside) but I am sure I would love other kinds too! I love baked potatoes the most. Even if the particular variety you are using does not taste the best, you can turn it into a super tasty meal just by baking them. But I also love love love boiled and steamed potatoes. Yet, the variety has to be good on… read more

Sweet potato lettuce cups

pro-camAnd for dinner, my favourite after breakfast meal of the day, I had lettuce cups with mashed sweet potatoes. Super tasty.

3 sweet potatoes
1 head of lettuce

Preheat the oven to 220°C (425°F). Evenly stab potatoes with a fork to ensure that the skin comes off easily later. Place them in the oven on a wire rack and place baking paper or aluminium foil on a baking tray underneath. This will keep your oven clean… read more

Sweet Mango Lentil Dahl

IMGP4550-1-1This recipe was pretty much an accident to be honest. I wanted something for dinner with lentils and I thought of combining them with mango and tomato somehow. And I have to admit it turned out pretty damn good. It is sweet from the mango, sour from the tomatoes and lime juice, spicy from the cayenne pepper and creamy from the lentils. It is pretty much an explosion of flavours in your mouth. I love to pair it with buckwheat. I think that the flavours complement each other extremely well. But you can always eat with … read more

Nutrition on point with the Nutritious Vegan Bowl

NUTRITIOUS VEGAN BOWLIf anyone tells you that vegans are malnourished and unhealthy, then laugh at him and tell him that he made a terrible mistake. Veganism is the healthiest diet on the planet and only people who eat too little, who can be basically anyone from keen meat-eater to committed plant-eaters, are malnourished so I am talking here about anorexics, bulimics and generally people with eating disorders. Making bowls like this for dinner everyday is my favourite way to eat. You get plenty of raw and fresh veggies in effortlessly and at the same time you are satisfied and satiated… read more

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

CREAMY MUSHROOM PASTAMe and mushrooms had a love-hate relationship throughout my entire life. When I was a kid I used to love mushrooms in any form. As I grew older (and went through all weird phases of puberty including a rebel and denial phase) I started to dislike them and even feel sick after eating them! I used to love capricioza pizza and suddenly I felt sick after eating it. Fortunately, this phase of my life is gone now and I enjoy eating all edible kinds of mushrooms. Therefore I made this amazing Creamy Mushroom Pasta with mushrooms and coconut milk. … read more

My favourite Curry Rice

CURRY RICEThis is a curry for lazy people. Literally.

It is a fusion of risotto and curry. Therefore I call it curry rice. It is great when you are craving curry but you have no patience to cook the whole sauce. This recipe will take you a bit more than half an hour to make.

It is satisfying, healthy and of course vegan. You can make it with any veggies you want. I opted here for potatoes, onions, carrots, peas and celery. And do not freak out, you won’t taste the celery. … read more

Day #4: Cycling, working and eating

GREEN BERRY SMOOTHIE(1)Today was a full-time-job-kind-of-day for me. I woke up a bit later than I thought I would (7:30 am I know it’s soooooo late :p ) and immediately wrote day #3 post because yesterday I came home pretty late and I was extremely tired of all the stress and whatnot so I went straight to bed. After finishing updating you guys on what is currently happening in my life I went for a ride. It was a bit chilly this morning but at the same time sunny, so at first I was super cold and later I was draining in sweat. First world problems I know hahaha. The minute I got home I stretched my body a little bit. Remember: always stretch after a workout, otherwise you’re bound to have an injury or muscle soreness. On my ride I was so overwhelmed by the nature’s beauty that surrounded me. … read more

Day #2: work work work work work work

ACAI OATMEAL(2)… Then I had to quickly leave to school. On my way I was reading Jeffrey Archer’s “Honour among thieves” and it is amazing. Go read it if you haven’t!

Me and my boyfriend were just hanging out with each other today. He brought me some of his vegan pizza with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. The bomb. It tastes really homemade and that is what I love the most about it. And he puts more tomato sauce which I love, because you have to get that flavour if you have no cheese on top.

When I got home I helped my father to prepare dinner. We made vegan low fat potato pancakes. I forgot to take… read more

Day #1: Freedom

ACAI OATMEAL(1)… Then I had to get ready for the exam. I ate a few dates before going out and took a banana to snack on later. The exam went so so well, I wasn’t even expecting that! I was so scared and stressed before it. It was an oral exam so it is always more stressful for me because I don’t feel very comfortable speaking in public. But my task was not that hard and I passed smoothly.

When I got home my daddy was making spinach sauce and pasta. So damn good. It was made with spinach, garlic, fresh chilli pepper, nutritional yeast, dried oregano, dried basil, pepper, dried parsley and dried tomato flakes. I topped it with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. … read more

Christmas #3: Uszka with mushroom filling – another polish custom

IMGP3458 (2)Hello, is Santa Claus already there?

I don’t know how about you, but I can’t wait until Christmas!

I want to eat all this food, spend time with my family and see their faces when they unwrap the presents. It is so much fun every year.

Most of the food we need has already been prepared. Actually, I am sipping right now on my mom’s borscht. It is so good, you won’t believe it! I am drinking it from a cup, but on Christmas Eve we eat in from a bowl with uszka. But what are uszka? These are little dumplings with mushroom filling that resemble animals’ ears. Aren’t they cute? … read more

Christmas #1: Polish pierogi with sauerkraut

IMGP3457 (2)Hello little dumplings!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything and I want to truly apologize. It’s been crazy at school this past week and I was so so rushed off my feet.

Last weekend I had to sing in a choir competition, which took almost half of my Saturday away. I had to make fillings for pierogi and doughs for two types of gingerbread cookies. On Sunday I baked all the gingerbread cookies and took pictures of them, which as you all know is super time consuming. I wanted to make pierogi as well but they take so … read more