Protein Pancakes | Vegan and Gluten-free


Pancakes are the ultimate Sunday breakfast food and I think everyone – both meat eaters and vegans – can agree on this. And as satisfying and pleasant it is to indulge on original pancakes full of gluten and sugar and all that, it is even more satisfying when you know you can feast guilt free!

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Another what I eat in a day post for you guys 😘 I love making these so so much! Maybe one day I’ll have my own youtube channel? We’ll see 😏


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Easy French Toast | VEGAN

Who wants dessert for breakfast? Me *raises hand*


This french toast is super easy and actually good for you! Surprised? Let me explain.

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Day #3: New job & overcoming shyness


Today’s morning was just perfect. I woke up when I was well-rested, I made myself some breakfast and watched a couple of youtube videos. I didn’t go on a ride today because I am really really sore from that HIIT workout I performed yesterday :( I’ll make up for that tomorrow. I’ve spent the day working on this blog, so updating pages and making it a bit more organized. Nothing special. In the evening though I participated in a training course and right now as I am writing this I am a member of a “safety service” at mass events. So I am basically a person who watches the people at an event and looks for suspicious and dangerous behaviour, guards a place that is not allowed admittance to most people and checks people’s clothes and bags at the entrance. So cool, right? :D

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Day #2: work work work work work work


Hello! Even though I finished school in April and had my final final exam on Monday I had to come back to school today because I forgot shoes from my locker. That’s how it is when you’re all over the shop ;)

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