Easy-Peasy Apple Pie Recipe | VEGAN


Once again, long time no see!

There is so much happening right now that I don’t even know how I managed to make this pie ahaha. But I have to admit I’m very proud of myself for coming up with probably the best vegan pie crust recipe whilst making this apple pie.

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The best vegan chocolate cake

I am not joking. This chocolate cake was a heaven in my mouth. It was so rich, creamy and delicious. For any polish people out there, it was a perfect murzynek that I have never accomplished before, even with dairy and eggs! It always came out to dry and dense and simply plain. But this cake… oh my God… it will change your life.


I wanted to make something vegan that no one would guess it was to wind my aunt and uncle up and tell them that they were eating a vegan cake when they were finished. I know, cruel, but so worth it ;) Continue reading

Healthy oat-banana muffins

It finally happened. I tested my abilities with these muffins. Why? I am good at backing from a recipe, but usually when I try to invent something it doesn’t turn out how I wanted it to. What is more, I used to bake cakes and cookies that weren’t vegan… So when I was starting on preparing these I had really dark thoughts. I anticipated them to come out, I don’t know, maybe a bit under-baked or not sweet enough, too dense, too moist or that they would not rise at all. But as you can see on these photos they came out pretty good-looking :3

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