Warming Fall Pumpkin Soup

Fall is all about pumpkins and spices. Am I right? Everything is either made out of pumpkin or pumpkin spiced and so on. People go crazy over it! And so do I.

There are many types of pumpkins and winter squashes but my favourites happen to be butternut squash and hokkaido pumpkin. What are your favourites? Continue reading


The Best Low Fat Vegan Chili


Here it is. The best vegan chili sin carne. And I am about to share the recipe with you.

Maybe you know it already or maybe not but when it comes to cooking I don’t measure anything by spoons etc I just eye-ball it. Hence it’s hard for me to tell you the exact measurements in this recipe, but I’ll try my best! So please feel free to add less spices at the beginning and then build them up to your liking. This way you are making sure you don’t add too much. It’ always easier to add more than to take away, right? Continue reading

Vegan School/Work Lunch Ideas

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you my vegan lunch ideas that you can take to school, uni or work, basically wherever you want to take a packed lunch with you. I am using here Sistema’s container that I have been using for a while now and I can honestly recommend them. This is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely like these containers and I find them perfect for my lunches :)

#1 Hummus, avocado and veggies sandwich with side of fruit and veggies

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WHAT I ATE TODAY | Chill-out Saturday


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Sweet Mango Lentil Dahl

This recipe was pretty much an accident to be honest. I wanted something for dinner with lentils and I thought of combining them with mango and tomato somehow. And I have to admit it turned out pretty damn good.


It is sweet from the mango, sour from the tomatoes and lime juice, spicy from the cayenne pepper and creamy from the lentils. It is pretty much an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

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Nutrition on point with the Nutritious Vegan Bowl

If anyone tells you that vegans are malnourished and unhealthy, then laugh at him and tell him that he made a terrible mistake. Veganism is the healthiest diet on the planet and only people who eat too little, who can be basically anyone from keen meat-eater to committed plant-eaters, are malnourished so I am talking here about anorexics, bulimics and generally people with eating disorders.


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My favourite Curry Rice

This is a curry for lazy people. Literally.

It is a fusion of risotto and curry. Therefore I call it curry rice. It is great when you are craving curry but you have no patience to cook the whole sauce. This recipe will take you a bit more than half an hour to make.


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Day #29: Chill chill chill

Oh my, we are almost coming to an end with this challenge! When did it happen? I have to say, that this was both so much fun and work. Late nights and so on but so worth the while. Nevertheless, today is my laaaaaaazy day and I am getting the most out of it.

I went to bed pretty early last night and woke up today at 6:30 after a 8 and a half hour sleep. This was very needed as all the stress started coming out of me a few days ago and I was exhausted every single day. Today I am feeling fine but I think a bit more sleep and rest would do no harm. Ok, so after I woke up I read a bit of “The Little Book of Skin Care. Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin”, which Continue reading

Day #9: Quality time with a friend and Asian food Polish style

This day was absolutely amazing. It was warm and sunny outside, perfect weather that encourages you to go and move your body. So I decided to do my parents a favour and buy some bananas because we were running out of spotty bananas aka 5 left ahahahaah. I also wanted to go shopping to buy dates for my trip to Madrid between Thursday and Monday. I ended up buying dates and a paleo raw vegan chocolate hazelnut bar and well… it tasted a bit a like a dark chocolate version of nutella which was nice but not outstanding. I hope the dates will be good though! And bananas are ripening right now. Nicecream here I come! Continue reading

Day #4: Cycling, working and eating


Today was a full-time-job-kind-of-day for me. I woke up a bit later than I thought I would (7:30 am I know it’s soooooo late :p ) and immediately wrote day #3 post because yesterday I came home pretty late and I was extremely tired of all the stress and whatnot so I went straight to bed. After finishing updating you guys on what is currently happening in my life I went for a ride. It was a bit chilly this morning but at the same time sunny, so at first I was super cold and later I was draining in sweat. First world problems I know hahaha. The minute I got home I stretched my body a little bit. Remember: always stretch after a workout, Continue reading