Top 10 porridge recipes you have to try!


Porridge is super convenient, don’t you think? It takes seconds to prepare in the morning (or you can make it ahead the night before), tastes delicious and gives you long-term energy that we all need each day. I used to be a smoothie girl a while back, but during the summer months I actually switched to a more starch-based diet and I surely don’t regret it. First of all, I feel fuller longer. Second, I eat smaller portions, which is obviously healthier than stuffing your face with everything you’ve got on hand. And third, I don’t have to take huge amounts of food to school with me. I think I am not the only one who thinks that THIS is amazing ahaha.

Here I have for you my top 10 oatmeal/porridge recipes that you can obviously make with oats or millet, rice or any other flakes your heart desire. These are super easy and don’t cost you a hand and a leg. Enjoy! Continue reading


Millet and Carrot Patties | Vegan Dinner Idea


Long overdue but it is finally here! The recipe for my carrot and millet patties.

I came up with this recipe on my way home I guess when I wanted some kind of a patty for dinner. It was inspired by my friend’s mom who made millet patties for dinner when I visited them. So sweet of her to make me a vegan dinner, thank you so so much! Continue reading

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Vegan at university

A beautiful sunrise in Warsaw today

Hello there!

I assume that you are a huge fan of ‘what I eat in a day’ videos on YouTube as you clicked on this post. Well, you’re in a good place my dear because I also binge watch these on the daily ahaha!

But, let’s get on with what I ate today, shall we? Continue reading

Warming Fall Pumpkin Soup

Fall is all about pumpkins and spices. Am I right? Everything is either made out of pumpkin or pumpkin spiced and so on. People go crazy over it! And so do I.

There are many types of pumpkins and winter squashes but my favourites happen to be butternut squash and hokkaido pumpkin. What are your favourites? Continue reading

Christmas #1: Polish pierogi with sauerkraut

Hello little dumplings!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything and I want to truly apologize. It’s been crazy at school this past week and I was so so rushed off my feet.

Last weekend I had to sing in a choir competition, which took almost half of my Saturday away. I had to make fillings for pierogi and doughs for two types of gingerbread cookies. On Sunday I baked all the gingerbread cookies and took pictures of them, which as you all know is super time consuming. I wanted to make pierogi as well but they take so much time that I decided to make them on Monday. And actually I slept till 10 am on Sunday so that’s why I had very little time, but I was extremely tired after the whole week of tests that it was a much needed sleep.

On Monday I came home earlier and made the first batch of pierogi and took pictures of them, which also took quite some time. Later I had to finish forming my little dumplings, which would take much more without my Mum’s help. Thank you Mum :*

IMGP3477 (2) Continue reading