What I eat in a day


2016-11-28-07.28.10-1.jpg.jpgAnother what I eat in a day post for you guys 😘 I love making these so so much! Maybe one day I’ll have my own youtube channel? We’ll see 😏 ☆BREAKFAST☆ For this oatmeal I used quite a lot of oats, I don’t even remember how much ahaha. But it was probably something around 2/3 or 3/4 of a cup covered with water and oat milk, then I added agave syrup. I also topped it with a banana, peanut butter and a ton of ground poppy seeds aka my recent obsession. Try it if you love poppy seed cake like I do 😍 … read more

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Vegan at university

15035573_1758709671117869_469992223887327232_nHello there! I assume that you are a huge fan of ‘what I eat in a day’ videos on YouTube as you clicked on this post. Well, you’re in a good place my dear because I also binge watch these on the daily ahaha! But, let’s get on with what I ate today, shall we? I have to apologise straight ahead for not adding many photos, but let’s be real here, I want to create content aka photos that I am proud of and that are good quality. Being at an university during winter time is not the best environment for taking pictures. The lightning in the morning is sh*t, at school my food is the least presentable… read more

Adventures | Vegan food market


Oh my… That day was one of my favourites so far. It started off with a good night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready to embark on some foodie adventures. For breakfast I had a delicious and filling bowl of bananas, oat cereal and almond milk. So good. It may sound weird to you but I really enjoy doing makeup although I don’t put it on everyday. (Since I was 11 or 12 I was binge-watching makeup tutorials on youtube. Yup… but only this year did I start actually putting on makeup and filling okay with it. And watching these videos really gave me some ideas on how to do it so I don’t look like a hot mess today ahaha.) Before leaving I put on some foundation, … read more

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Chill-out Saturday

pro-camFor breakfast I made this delicious banana ice cream for me and my mum!

Ice cream:
6 small/medium frozen bananas
1 teaspoon almond food flavouring
2 tablespoons maple syrup
splash of oat milk
1 heaping tablespoon flaxmeal
read more

WHAT I ATE/DID TODAY | Driver’s licence

IMG_20160816_075110-1Hello peeps! Today’s post is a bit different. I am completely addicted to What I ate today vlogs on YouTube and I have been thinking about making such blog posts for a looooooong time. I was encouraged by myself thinking YOLO and actually finding this kind of post on Floral Foods! Now I am totally going to do these and hopefully very often hihi. ☆BREAKFAST☆ Breakfast was this delicious green smoothie bowl:
2.5 bananas (the other half is on top)
1 mango
2 handfuls of baby spinach… read more