Welcome to my tiny place on the Internet!

I’m glad you stumbled over my page and hope you’ll stay for a little while!


Hello everyone, my name is Adela and I am a student with a passion (and devotion) for food. I set up this blog to be able to share my recipes and, well, life with you.

And yes, I am polish.
And vegan.

I turned vegan mainly because I was on the verge of getting anorexia and I heard it had helped many girls with eating disorders, so I thought why not give it a try?

And it did wonders for me. I’ve been eating a plant based diet for almost 4 months now (that was in October 2015). I have to admit I don’t feel happy about my body and myself 100% at a time, I do have my ups and downs. Just like everyone. But veganism helped me to decrease the amount of downs and increase the ups. I stay slim most of the time and try to gradually build up my confidence.

Besides, I feel less bloated, I feel lighter, I don’t have many digestive issues and generally I am happier. My skin hasn’t cleared up yet, but it doesn’t bother me that much and I will just wait until I have a beautiful baby’s butt-like skin!

Setting up a blog has always been my dream, but I was never persistent in it. So, I am going to make this one a real deal and try to write regularly and post one recipe a week. Maybe they won’t be amazing each time, but I hope you will appreciate those small ones like “What I ate today?” or just a simple salad or a bowl recipe.

Apart from that one I have 3 dreams as well:

  1. To release my own cookbook.
  2. To set up my own bistro/cafe.
  3. To have an amazing and loving family with my one and only significant other ♥

So that’s about it for the intro. Stay tuned for my other posts!
I am so looking forward to making a loving community with you guys. I really want us all to inspire each other. I want us to live a happy life just the way we imagined it to be and if my blog is to help this, then I am head over heels about it.
And of course I want us all to chase our dreams and make them come true!
That is why I created this place. To get creative, inspire and be happy.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. polly January 27, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    Hi Adela,

    My name is Polly and I’m the Outreach Coordinator at SkinnyPop Popcorn.  Our popcorn is made for guilt-free snacking at just 39 calories a cup, so it’s perfect for a TV binge fest!

    If you’re anything like me, you love settling down for some guilty pleasure TV on weeknights. Ever since Olivia Pope took over our screens, wine and popcorn has been the pairing of choice for everyone’s TV binges. We’re very serious about our wine + popcorn, so we created an exclusive wine and popcorn pairing graphic to share with select bloggers! Whether you fancy whites or reds in your glass, we put together a little guide for you to get your snackin’ on!

    Let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in seeing & potentially sharing with your readers!



    • Peas and Love February 8, 2017 / 10:06 am

      Hi Polly,
      This sounds fantastic and yes I love popcorn! The biggest problem I find though is the fact that SkinnyPop Popcorn is not available in Poland. I browsed through the Internet and found only one auction on amazon that ships your popcorn to Poland. I am concerned about that for one big reason – most of my viewers are from Poland. Nevertheless I would be interested in trying SkinnyPop Popcorn and checking out your guide. If I enjoy the combination of wine and popcorn and of course find the guide helpful and interesting, I would be more than happy to share it with my readers both here and on Instagram.
      Thank you so much for contacting me, it made my day.
      And I am so so sorry for replying this late, but as an university student it’s hard to keep up with everything. But I am going to change that in the upcoming months!
      PS. To not spam in the comment section you can contact me through e-mail: ada.magdziarz@gmail.com


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