Top 10 porridge recipes you have to try!


Porridge is super convenient, don’t you think? It takes seconds to prepare in the morning (or you can make it ahead the night before), tastes delicious and gives you long-term energy that we all need each day. I used to be a smoothie girl a while back, but during the summer months I actually switched to a more starch-based diet and I surely don’t regret it. First of all, I feel fuller longer. Second, I eat smaller portions, which is obviously healthier than stuffing your face with everything you’ve got on hand. And third, I don’t have to take huge amounts of food to school with me. I think I am not the only one who thinks that THIS is amazing ahaha.

Here I have for you my top 10 oatmeal/porridge recipes that you can obviously make with oats or millet, rice or any other flakes your heart desire. These are super easy and don’t cost you a hand and a leg. Enjoy! Continue reading


Too many things going on in your head?

Well, I am guilty of that *raises hand*
But who isn’t?

Stress can cause a lot of problems and I have to admit I’ve been pretty stressed out the past few days or weeks even. So much has been happening recently and it imposed a lot of stress on me. You know these days when you are overthinking, struggling with falling asleep and being unable to concentrate? Yes, that’s what’s happening right now. Let me give you some insight.

Fruit is great for staying carbed up and positive!

For the past month or month and a half I was attending driver’s education classes to learn theory and then practice my driving skills. It was a lot of fun but as I was heading towards the end of it I became more and more stressed out. Mainly because I want to pass the theoretical and practical exam so so bad. When the course ended I put off the moment when I had to sign up for the theoretical exam and now as I finally did it (next Tuesday, 16.08 GMT+2) Continue reading

Switching things up a little bit…

It is just a quick little post. I wanted to tell you that I made a decision to switch the focus of this blog a little bit. I feel right now like I am limiting myself to just recipes and that I cannot post anything else on here. This is a sick mindset and I do not want to limit myself in any way. I want to be free. I remember when I was writing about my everyday life, what I was doing, eating and stuff. It gave much joy and fun and I still want to do it! That is why I am shifting from just cooking to lifestyle. I want to post food recipes of course, life stories, fashion and makeup maybe, what I eat in a day posts… simply share my life with you that revolves mainly around food tbh ;) That would give me so much more joy and I believe that being happy and content is what matters in the first place :)

That is just me being all happy at a meeting with a friend :)

Peace and love to you all, remember to be kind to every living being and to spread compassion and happiness wherever you go.